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Jun 28, 2009 06:38 PM

Anguilla Blog Posts

Just back from 4 days in Anguilla. I did not dine too much as I was solo but standing out were the pastries from Gerauds. AMAZING croissants as well. The cheese danish was sublime. I had a nice panini at Veya Cafe. Gwens at Shoal Bay East was not up to par. The fish tasted old but the salads were great. I had a delicious fish sandwich at Elvis's. His chef spices of the batter and cooks the snapper to perfection. Another night I had fresh caught crayfish at Elvis's.

Malliouhana was a perfect sunset spot for a lime squash and homemade potato chips with a lovely homemade salsa. Perfect with views of Meade's Bay.

Check out

What I did not eat I made up by drinking ..rum punches..everywhere and

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  1. Have you been by Lucys which is right up the street from the Malliouhana? I always have a nice fish "salad" when there. The barbecue up the road from the Malliuohana is incredibly good also. They only barbecue on Sat. We are heading back to Anguilla next week for Epicurean Week. Will post any new findings :)

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      CC, I have not been to Lucy's but drove by 3 times last week. I hear the crayfish is good. B & D is the BBQ you refer to and always gets rave reviews. Calista and Harrison Ford ate at Klassic Kafe near Lucy's for their Wed. BBQ. Again accolades....I had the BEST EVER ginger coconut pina colada made by Myra at Ku. Cannot wait to go back Aug. 1 for Carnival..this time, I will eat more. Want to try Davida for lunch.

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        Have never had the pina colada at Ku but it sounds like it alone is worth the trip!! I'll be there 7/12-19 and if Davida is open I'll be trying it out. Warm and gentle breezes to you!

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          CC, if money is not an issue go to Davida for dinner. Otherwise, if you go for like you can then chill at the beach later. Everyone is raving about Wed. night at Klassic Cafe.I am back Aug. 1.

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            got my camera working..enjoy Panini at Veya Cafe and Myra at Ku's ginger colada

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              Very cool! I do love photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are in Anguilla for the Epicurean Wekk at Malliouhana so dinners are all spoken for. Will check to see if they are open for lunch. We will also be in St. Martin for a few days before we head to Anguilla so will be hitting a few favorites there as well. Will report back (with photos hopefully).

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            My wife and I went to Da Vida last night on the recommendation of a friend. It's, without a doubt, one of the nicer places I've dined on the island (as far as ambiance). Right on the beach, pleasant staff, good eats. There was a live band there last night providing entertainment (a tad louder than I'd have liked, but nice, nonetheless). Most of the patrons were locals, not completely surprising as it is low-season. The prices there wasn't much more than I'd expect to spend at somewhere like Veya or Santorini for a similar, if not much better experience.

            I'd recommend giving it a try.

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              what band played? What night? Where is Santorini? I popped upstairs to see Veya when I had lunch at Cafe Veya and it looked amazing..