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portuguese festival

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anyone know of any in the area?

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  1. Usually in Fall River/New Bedford, Glouster area or East Cambridge... not sure when they all are but should be posted somewerhe

    1. The nEw Bedord Portuguese festival is on the first weekend in August. Go down, and rent a skewer, buy some carne d'spit premarinated, put on skewer and grill your own on open bbq pits. Pop into a soft Portuguese roll, and perfection is found! I'm only bummed that I'll be away in Maine that weekend!

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        I like to bring my own veggies and other meats to put on the spit well. Get creative!

      2. The website seems to be down (for me), but The Feast of the Blessed Sacrament is coming up the first weekend of August in New Bedford.


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          I can taste that atum now! Last time I went, I bought a few pounds at the end of the day to take home....Nom, nom, nom....

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            Just a reminder that the largest Portuguese festival (also known as Madeira festival) is this coming weekend and the weather forecast looks pretty good for it.

            In Lawrence on the 8th of August there is a feast (I think festa do santo cristo) which has a big processional and music, but I don't know about the chow offerings. I believe that weekend is also probably the Woburn celebration of Nossa Senhora do Monte, but haven't seen anything yet. And the Ludlow festival as mentioned below is always labor day weekend for multiple days, but the still have the 2008 info up not 2009.


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                FYI, I was able to confirm that the Woburn Portuguese club Festa de Nossa Senhora do Monte is this weekend, Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday (both days starting at noon probably, with sunday mass). No specifics, although its followed the same format when I have been and here is information from last year (as someone noted, its Rt 38). Saturday it was pretty quiet during the day and much busier at night.


                I believe they work some deal with budweiser who prints up their banners, so the beer outside is usually limited to that, but Sagres is normally available in the clubhouse.

            1. ditto what has already been said
              http://www.portuguesefeast.com The first weekend in August is the big one in New Bedford.

              1. There's a big one in Ludlow on Labor Day weekend

                1. The feast of the blessed sacrament (the madeira festival) is definitely worth considering and is the largest in the area. Its worth a note that for actual chowing, you don't need to wait for a large, crowded festival to hit up the south coast. Both New Bedford and Fall River are worth visits for Portuguese food (respectively the former has Portuguese style churrasco grilled on charcoal and the latter many Azorean options which just aren't available up in Boston, not to mention markets inexpensive wine shopping, etc... and regional specialties).

                  The Boston celebration of Portugal Day is over and doesn't tend to focus on chowish events (events are generally in the month of June, Portugal celebrates its National day on the birthdate of Camoes June 10th so the festival and Cambridge/Somerville parade are always around those dates). That said the Portuguese American Civic League on Springfield usually has a festival for the feast of the holy ghost in early July (I can't seen any confirmation of this, though). The Hudson Portuguese Club does a big festival. The Woburn Portuguese celebration of Nossa Senhora do Monte is in August and worth attending (details from last year below). I also included some a mostly South Coast specific schedule from O Jornal the Portugese/English bilingual newspaper from the South Coast. There are regular feasts and other events which are held by social clubs, churches, etc in the area. Many of these are advertised with pamplets in in business windows on Cambridge St in Cambridge.



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                    this weekend in saugus....take kellys roast beef exit,down about 1/4 mile on right

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                        imperio mariense de saugus
                        260R Lynn Fells Parkway in Saugus MA.

                        It looks like the Portuguese American Civic League Cambridge/Somerville line on Springfield St is holding their festival that I mentioned above on 7/13.

                        Not Portuguese, but East Boston is still to hold its Brazilian Festa Julina a week after the long weekend.


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                            Give them a call to find out, but they do have some chowish dinners coming up.

                            September 19th Cabrito E Peixe Dinner

                            -> goat and fish

                            October 17th, Matanca Do Porco Dinner

                            -> in celebration of slaughtering a pig

                            November 14th Caldo De Nabos Dinner

                            -> turnip, pork, azorean plate

                            A lot of Portuguese social clubs do have dinners and banquets which are open to the public. Woburn does some interesting ones, Hudson had Wednesday once a month where they made home cooked dishes (I think this may have stopped due to weak attendance), the Cambridge Filarmonica Santo Antonio does Fado dinners, and all of the Somerville/Cambridge clubs do whole pig roasts. Board rules generally don't permit posting such fundraising events, but its worth poking around. Mostly men attend social clubs from day to day, but the events are more family friendly certainly any event with traditional music. The sites for some of the fado musicians and the traditional dance/music bands often have dates for these events. One good site for the latter is this:

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                      In New Bedford, I would wholeheartedly recommend Antonios. There are plenty of other restaurants that serve great portugese food in that area as well but their names escape me.

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                        thanks everyone, i should have added that I am from Rhode Island and portuguese, So im familiar with the New Bedford/Fall River area festivals. Will try to get to the saugus event.

                    2. There is a big festival every year in Saugus that is held for an entire weekend every summer. It features nightly music, barbecue, food, and a church service on Sunday with food to conclude the weekend. I forget what they call it. It is held in Saugus on the Lynn Fells Pkwy. and the operators of the feast own the large lot.

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                        the info is described above by itaunas. i followed a link to find that the saugus Portguese fest. will happen this yr on July 4,2014 wkend.