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Jun 28, 2009 06:02 PM

portuguese festival

anyone know of any in the area?

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  1. Usually in Fall River/New Bedford, Glouster area or East Cambridge... not sure when they all are but should be posted somewerhe

    1. The nEw Bedord Portuguese festival is on the first weekend in August. Go down, and rent a skewer, buy some carne d'spit premarinated, put on skewer and grill your own on open bbq pits. Pop into a soft Portuguese roll, and perfection is found! I'm only bummed that I'll be away in Maine that weekend!

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        I like to bring my own veggies and other meats to put on the spit well. Get creative!

      2. The website seems to be down (for me), but The Feast of the Blessed Sacrament is coming up the first weekend of August in New Bedford.

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          I can taste that atum now! Last time I went, I bought a few pounds at the end of the day to take home....Nom, nom, nom....

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            Just a reminder that the largest Portuguese festival (also known as Madeira festival) is this coming weekend and the weather forecast looks pretty good for it.

            In Lawrence on the 8th of August there is a feast (I think festa do santo cristo) which has a big processional and music, but I don't know about the chow offerings. I believe that weekend is also probably the Woburn celebration of Nossa Senhora do Monte, but haven't seen anything yet. And the Ludlow festival as mentioned below is always labor day weekend for multiple days, but the still have the 2008 info up not 2009.


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                FYI, I was able to confirm that the Woburn Portuguese club Festa de Nossa Senhora do Monte is this weekend, Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday (both days starting at noon probably, with sunday mass). No specifics, although its followed the same format when I have been and here is information from last year (as someone noted, its Rt 38). Saturday it was pretty quiet during the day and much busier at night.


                I believe they work some deal with budweiser who prints up their banners, so the beer outside is usually limited to that, but Sagres is normally available in the clubhouse.

            1. ditto what has already been said
     The first weekend in August is the big one in New Bedford.

              1. There's a big one in Ludlow on Labor Day weekend