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Jun 28, 2009 05:59 PM

Care package for friend post surgery

Dear All,

I am a NY Hound looking for some help from my west coast brethren. A dear friend is having surgery tomorrow and I am hoping to order him some sort of "get well" care package to be delivered to his home in San Francisco on Tuesday. I have his address but I am not sure in what part of town it is located. Maybe some cookies or something else- I really want it be special as he is a really special guy and I don't want to just call 1800-Flowers.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. How about sharing the zip code so we can get a clue about neighborhood?

    And are there any post-op diet restrictions to consider?

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    1. re: BernalKC

      good questions. the zip is 94114. Also, I do not believe there are any real post-op diet restrictions.

        1. re: max

          So the next question would be, are you looking for easy point-and-click ordering, or are you willing to attempt a lot of phone work to work with a special restaurant? Also, is this for tonight (Monday)? Selection on a Monday might be limited.

          In the off-the-shelf category I've looked at and waiters on wheels and there are some decent options, but nothing over the top.

          Luna Park
          Max's on the Sqare
          Pasta Pomodoro

          waiters on wheels:
          (all of the above)
          Amber India
          Hyde Street Seafood House
          Sam's Grill (??)

          Not sure which among those would be open on a Monday.

          As for special ordering via cab, ordinarily I'd say lots of luck with that. But times are tough, and its a Monday (or Tuesday), so you might be able to pull something off if the options above don't turn you on.

      1. A local nonprofit kitchen for a bunch of minority women food specialists called La Cocina has gift baskets of lovely things: They are all listed as holiday gift boxes but I am 99% sure they are still doing them.