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Jun 28, 2009 04:58 PM

blue hill tavern in canton

I drive by this place all the time on Conkling Street in Canton. Says they're opening next month, looks really nice. Anyone know anything about it?

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  1. Seen preliminary menus and wine list. supposed to be open for 4th of July, never know for sure with a restaurant, not to mention a restuarant in Baltimore. Wine list was nothing to drool over, but the place does look beautiful. they supposedly have a chef's table. I wonder if it is a true chef's table in the kitchen or a table nearby that Baltimoreans label a chefs table. Only time will tell. food menu looked good, just depends on kitchen

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      1. My wife and I went for dinner on opening night. The place was packed, which was nice to see. The restaurant is gorgeous both inside and out. They really did a great job with the design. They have a nice wine list, which includes about 10 wines on an "under $25" list. We got a Malbec from this list, which was very good. For an appetizer, we got the parmesan donuts, which consisted of two cake donuts, one of which was covered with a savory tomato glaze and the other of which was covered with bacon powder, which looked like powdered sugar but tastes like bacon. Both were winners in my book, but I definitely preferred the bacon donut. For entrees, my wife got a papardelle with wild boar. This was similar to a pot roast and was very tasty. I got the halibut, which was covered with a miso glaze and set atop soba noodles. This dish was also very good. The fish was cooked perfectly with a nice crispy, seared top and juicy interior. My only minor gripe with this dish is that the noodles had mushrooms in them, which I don't like and which weren't in the description of the dish. For desert we had a mixed berry shortcake. This was good, but not as good as the appetizer or entrees. The berries were fresh and the shortcake was tasty and seemed homemade. The service was excellent and the owner seemed very interested in how the experiences of the diners. Our waitress was very friendly and was able to answer all of our questions about the menu. The owner stopped by our table to chat for a bit and I could sense that he is very genuinely interested in making sure his customers have a great experience. Overall, I think that this is a great addition to both the neighborhood and the City's dining scene. On a side note, I know that Blue Hill wants to be both a place where people will stop by after work for a quick bite as well as a special occasion place. We were told that they don't plan to have happy hour or other drink or food specials. I think that, if they want to get people to go back repeatedly, they should reconsider offering specials. Not only do most neighborhood restaurants do this (e.g., Jack's, Birches), but so do other perennially popular places such as Pazo.

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          Good review thombs 34. Thanks. How expensive and how noisy?

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            Our total bill was a little over $100, but I gave a good tip as the service was excellent. You could definitely get out of there for under $75 for two. Based on the price, it's not somewhere I would go all of the time, but with the number of wines under $25 it's definitely somewhere that I'll be back to on a regular basis.

            Regarding the noise, it was pretty noisy, but that's to be expected on a Friday night in my opinion. However, it was not so noisy that we had to speak loudly to hear each other. It's definitely quite enough to have a nice, relaxing dinner.

        2. I just checked out their website and they have a specials section up.

          1. I've heard great things, although I haven't been. FYI all, they are closed on Sunday evenings until the fall. Rumor has it the cucumber martini and crabcakes are great!