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falls church...running out of ideas

I love the Vietnamese options in FC, but I can't go to the Eden center every day (well... I could).

I find the rest of the options in FC to be lacking a little. Any non-Vietnamese recs.

Not including la caraquena, leb butcher, myanmar, rabieng...which i've been to.

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  1. I like Blanca's pupusas, Granje de Oro serves good Peruvian food, Flippin makes good NY pies, Peking Village and Jasmine Garden for authentic Chinese. I've heard Maneki Neko is a good Japanese joint.

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      I've never heard of Jasmine Garden for authentic Chinese, but there's Mark's Duck House and XO Taste.

      For breweries/bars, there's Dogfish Ale, Ireland's 4 provinces, and Dogwood Tavern.

      For Filipino food/entertainment, there's Karaoke Idol.


      Here's another sushi joint in FC.


      For upscale, there's 2941:


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        Jasmine Garden is next to Pho Cyclo. I think there's a separate Chinese menu.


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          Marks Duck House has really gone downhill... anyone been there lately?

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            Yes, it has gone downhill, while the prices have gone uphill.

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              Agreed. Dim sum downhill, and I have been going to MDH since 1998. 30 to 40 times or so.

              I was flamed in another thread for saying this same thing.

              "You don't know anything about dim sum!"

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                Mark's Duck House used to be our go-to place for dimsum but I've been disappointed there the last couple of times I've been (and don't go too often as it is). I didn't notice a price difference but it's not the same quality/variety. And, they seemed to rely too much on those hand carried trays, with a variety of dishes, which get cold quickly. Usually I think of the trays as the leftovers but they never appeared a first time to be leftovers.

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            I can confirm that Maneki Neko is the best Japanese in that area.

          3. R U Kiddin' me? Luzmilla's is one of the best places in the area. Open only until 5pm. Their lunch special is generous and dirt cheap. Bolivian. Great soups, saltenas, and the $12 steak is an impressive platter of food, but should only be tackled if you are starving. All tables are communal at lunchtime, so you're never alone!

            Plus if your going as far southeast as Bailey's X-roads, you might want to check out Mirage for Persian food (dibi) and Machu Picchu for Peruvian (pescado chorellano, lomo saltado, squid in its own ink), both in the same shopping center.

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                You're right. All the food at Mirage is quite good.

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                  service was friendly, too. i thought the kabob platter was a good value. nice rice, tasty salad.

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                    Hmmm, I've never though much of their kabobs, though I've only had them once or twice. Perhaps I'll go back.

                    Some of the sweets at Mirage are pretty good if i remember correctly (but not as good as Yas Bakery in Vienna, which strangely gets no love on this board despite its excellent Persian cookies and out of this world barbari bread).

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                      i can't recall which kabob platter it was, now. typically, i like the seasoned, minced meat kabobs.

            1. raaga indian at bailey's x-roads area. great lunch buffet (esp. friday!...with my fave chick tikka and also saag), and terrific tandoori lamb chops. http://www.raagarestaurant.com/# the mixed grill or chicken sampler (tikka masala, reshmi, and haryali chick kabob) is delicious. boti kabob is also outstanding. i don't waste tummy space on the so-so apps. resto has nice cold taj mahal beer, good naan, lovely kulfi.

              anthony's does a fine pizza -- ask for extra crispy. good value and nice toppings (good italian sausage, pepperoni), chewy, yeasty crust. don't bother with a salad; it's bo-ring.

              thai pilin used to have a great catfish curry (and i don't even like catfish). look at the "spicy crispy catfish" on the menu....it's a "favorite." http://www.pilinthairestaurant.com/

              and hong kong palace! of course!!! http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/514931
              latest faves: chicken with sesame peppers, snow pea shoots w/ garlic, chengdu salt & pepper shrimp. the "homestyle pork belly" is like a bacon overload! i'm still waiting to try the famed ma po tofu.

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                Of course HKP - thanks for saying that finally.

                Also back near the center of FC - Victors - the one south of Broad on 29 - top of the hill next to a pollo place. Get the Argentinean steak. Btw the market just north of there serves decent tacos (or did a year ago).

              2. There is also the shopping center with Sushi Zen, Pie-tanza and Taqueria Poblano. They have a couple other restaurants that seem to be busy in there too, but I haven't tried them.

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                  kt, that's arlington, though...on harrison street, right?

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                    Is it Arlington, or Falls Church. I never know where the line is as part of Falls Church is Arlington, part is the city, and part is Fairfax. Virginia is so confusing... I always thought it was Falls Church, but I could be wrong. It seems like where most people in Falls Church grocery shop?

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                      That shopping center is in Arlington, about a mile from Falls Church.

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                        The confusion is not surprising ,because there are two versions of Falls Church: There's the incorporated independent city (a Virginia peculiarity), which is relatively small, and there's the Falls Church mailing address area, which is much larger and includes both Falls Church city as well as a large chunk of unincorporated Fairfax County. If you're driving on Route 7, Falls Church stretches from Tysons Corner at least to Seven Corners. A building in Tysons Corner might officially be in Falls Church, McLean, or Vienna, at least in terms of mailing address. There's even a vet office right on the line (across from the Giant on Broad St) that has two mailing addresses, one on Broad St and one on Leesburg Pike. Not many buildings have an "AKA" in their address, but this one does.

                        There should be no confusion with Arlington County, which has clearly defined boundaries. No part of Arlington is considered Falls Church.

                  2. I third Hong Kong Palace for Szechuan Chinese; Raaga for their buffet; Meaza for Ethiopian; Bamian for Afghan.

                    1. Dogfish Head, in the parking lot of Seven Corner for brats and a pint of Aprihops.

                      Present, on Arlington Blvd. newish upscale Vietnamese, get the green papaya salad with 2 kinds of jerky. That salad is stellar.

                      1. Little Saigon for Vietnamese (not in Eden Ctr - on Wilson)
                        Jerusalem Cafe (their Makluba is life-altering and they have excellent baclava-type desserts)
                        Bamian for Afghan
                        The pho place in the same center as Trader Joes (next to Full Kee)
                        Sunflower Cafe - I really only go there for their veggie version of General Tso's
                        Some people really like Edy's - I can't vouch for it personally like I can the ones above
                        Another vote for HKP
                        Another vote for Meaza
                        Another vote for Machu Pichu
                        Used to go to Mark's Duck House, but have stopped in going this year b/c they have slipped in quality

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                          1. re: Steve

                            i wondered too. my google results make it sound like it is a very "flexible" dish with rice and a protein (typical: lamb) and/or veggie (typical: eggplant or cauliflower) component. http://www.google.com/search?client=s...

                            this says makluba means "upside down" http://www.cookingwiththebible.com/re...

                            here's a "palestine" makluba, allegedly: http://www.grouprecipes.com/91808/pal...

                            1. re: alkapal

                              I had a friend who would fix chicken makluba -- sort of a stewed/steamed dish, with the chicken cookign on the bottom, a layer of veggies packed in over the chicken, and then rice steamed over top of everything. To serve, she used a platter that would cover the entire cookpot top and then turn it upside down. Pretty tasty stuff, too.

                              1. re: weezycom

                                Argia's near the State Theater is good, too if your looking for Italian.

                          2. re: pleen

                            Finally got to try the Makluba at Jerusalem (Bailey's X-Roads). Thoroughly delicious and wonderful. Thanks for the rec. There is a choice of vegetarian, chicken, or lamb. I got the lamb. Beautiful spicing, moist lamb, fragrant, and a bit of tingling heat added to the whole mix. One of the best things to eat in the entire DC area.

                            Also great there is the Om Ali, a kind of bread pudding with thick rectangles of phyllo soaking in custard.

                            Another good order, from a previous visit, is the musakhan which is marinated broiled chicken with fried onions served over bread that soaks up all the juices.

                            I was feeling jealous after reading the Time Out Guide to the 100 Best Things to Eat in NYC. The Makluba at Jerusalem took away some of the sting.

                            1. re: Steve

                              Steve -- what shopping center is Jerusalem in? I need to go to that Target in Bailey's tomorrow.

                              1. re: weezycom

                                It's actually on Payne St, a little stub off Leesburg Pike between Glen Forest Drive (where Lucky 3 used to be) and Bailey's Crossroads, on the same side of Leesburg Pike as the shopping center with Lucky Three (I guess that would be north).

                                Their web page lists the makluba that Steve was salivating about:

                                1. re: weezycom

                                  There is a Target at Skyline, S. George Mason and Leesburg Pike. If you head west on Leesburg Pike, pass Colombia Pike, look for the Mount of Olives sign on your right about a block further. Turn right there.

                                  1. re: Steve

                                    Thanks, MikeR & Steve. I can kind of picture the intersection, so I should be able to get there no problem.

                                2. re: Steve

                                  We went today. The wife bought out all their sweet pastries or at least seemed to. We had falafels for an app which were excellent. They were served with a tahini sauce and we asked for a hot sauce. They had a delicious chili sauce, not very spicy but very tasty. We also had the chicken. It was great. On a roasted flatbread and with red onions. Crispy skin and juicy inside. They could teach the pollo places a thing or two about execution.

                                  1. re: sekelmaan

                                    Glad you liked it. I think the onions are marinated and coated in sumac. Always a good time.

                                    1. re: Steve

                                      Sumac. I was trying to figure out what that herb was.