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Jun 28, 2009 04:27 PM

North Carolina wines

What is your opinion of North Carolina wines?

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  1. According to . . .

    In 2005, North Carolina ranked 13th among the 50 states in wine production. The state produced 767,648 gallons, the equivalent of approximately 322,874 cases of wine (one case of 12/750ml bottles = 9.0L).

    California, by contrast, was ranked 1st (no surprise there), producing 713,540,700 gallons of wine (over 300,116,150 cases) in 2005.

    That same year, the US as a whole produced 782,017,235 gallons (more than 328,917,472 cases), meaning California accounted for approx. 91.25 percent of all the wine produced in America.

    All of these boring statistics is merely to point out that North Carolina wines represent but a tiny drop in the proverbial bucket, even though that are 50+ wineries in the state.

    I have had probably somewhere between 6-10 wines produced from grapes actually grown in North Carolina. And while I remain curious to taste them, not a single one has been good enough to want to make me buy any for my own personal use.

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    1. re: zin1953

      Some trivia that does nothing to answer the poster's original question:
      U.S. Wine production in gallons according to the 1870 Census
      Alabama 5,156
      Arizona Territory 0
      Arkansas 3,734
      California 1,814,656
      Colorado Territory 67
      Connecticut 27,414
      Dakota Territory 0
      Delaware 1,552
      District Of Columbia 900
      Florida 681
      Georgia 21,927
      Idaho Territory 0
      Illinois 111,882
      Indiana 19,479
      Iowa 37,518
      Kansas 14,889
      Kentucky 62,360
      Louisiana 578
      Maine 7,047
      Maryland 11,583
      Massachusetts 10,956
      Michigan 21,832
      Minnesota 1,750
      Mississippi 3,055
      Missouri 326,173
      Montana Territory 0
      Nebraska 470
      Nevada 711
      New Hampshire 2,446
      New Jersey 24,970
      New Mexico Territory 19,686
      New York 82,607
      North Carolina 62,348
      Ohio 212,912
      Oregon 1,751
      Pennsylvania 97,165
      Rhode Island 765
      South Carolina 13,179
      Tennessee 15,778
      Texas 6,216
      Utah Territory 3,131
      Vermont 1,038
      Virginia 26,283
      Washington Territory 235
      West Virginia 6,093
      Wisconsin 9,357
      Wyoming Territory 0

      1. re: SteveTimko

        Wow. Georgia produces 12 times as much wine as Oregon? Really?

        Oh, wait. I just noticed that was for 1870! Duh. Can't figure out how to delete my post.

    2. At this year's Hot Brand Award ceremony I was really pleased to see that a NC Winery (Duplin Winery) won one of Impact Magazine's Hot Brand awards for 2008, having sold 275,000 cases. It was all based on the Muscadine grape, and probably not up to most of our qualitative standards, but it was pleasing none the less to see something other than multinationals on the stage.

      1. North Carolina wines as a whole still have a long way to go, but in saying that they have also come a long way. Rafalidini Vineyards produces some notable reds and whites from Italian varietal and Westbend's Cabernet and Reserve Chard are showing very well. Raylen Vineyards Category 5 is an Bordeaux style blend that is absolutely fantastic. However, i think my favorite NC wines are currently from Shelton. Their estate grown Riesling is a steal at about 12 dollars. It shows great fruit and has nice balance considering the climate. I also enjoy the Bin 17 unoaked chardonnay, no malo leaves this wine revealing vibrant fruit with a nice clean finish. To sum things up, Yadkin Valley certainly doesn't rival Napa but its well on its way!