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Jun 28, 2009 04:25 PM

Aikou, Flemington

I read the messages here in the archives, and some were not very positive. I have to shout out that I had my second meal there, and it was outstanding. Lunch a few weeks ago caught my interest, so I went back today for a sampling of the menu. I went with a friend for lunch on Sunday, which is actually brunch by their menu, and we ordered a duck breast, which was served with a Tamarind sauce, and cooked crispy and to perfection over vegetables; a green curry with seafood, and the seafood was cooked, again, perfectly, and two different nori rolls, beautifully presented, and, though this doesn't happen often, with pickled ginger that was not treated with red dye.

The vegetables included haricot vertes (when they could have used less expensive green beans), sugar snap peas, asparagus tips, fresh shitake mushrooms, and others. Clearly, the cook knows how to time each veggie for maximum effect/minimal heat.

I will be going back, and hope that others discover this place because I would like it to survive in this area of the world not known for ethnic cuisine.

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  1. Pitterpatter, I posted about Aikou over a year ago. I went there because I am always looking for good Japanese food and while I thought the sushi at Aikou was very good I also remember that the miso soup was dreadful and the salad was so-so. I should mention that I have been to Japan about thirty times so I feel I know good Japanese food when I have it.

    I have heard from others that many of the non-Japanese items on the menu are very good so I shall make it a point to return to Aikou and try some of these. Thanks for posting!

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      I thoroughly enjoy Aikou, I have not been to Japan 30 times, but I do know good food. I feel the food is very creative, fresh, affordable, and clean, My children and I have lunch their at least once a week . they offer very interesting specials, yesterday I had uni with quail egg. lunch is 12.00 for 3 rolls,soup and salad when you are feeding teenage boys sushi this is a bargain. I will return again and again.

      1. re: mombaker247

        Like Ambrose I posted last year about Aikou and have continued to eat there. Ive really only enjoyed the sushi though and have found the other items a bit lacking. Recently though I see two things that bother me and have me thinking about trying some of the other local sushi places (is Shiki any good)?

        Firstly theyve started giving 5 pieces rather than 6 in some of the standard rolls - this has only just recently started happening so maybe that was just an oversight?

        Secondly, we always do take out and without fail, regardless of how much we order, they give us ONE soy sauce and ONE pair of chopsticks. I need to remember every time to ask for more and then wait around while they dig it up. I can appreciate not dumping handfuls of these items in the bag, but one of each is extremely cheesy. They also forgot to put part of my order in the bag before and I had to drive all the way back to get it. I called them to tell them I was coming and they had it ready - but would have been nice given the inconvenience if theyd thrown in a little something extra (not a requirement but certainly wouldve done something to allay my frustration of having the evening disrupted)

        Cutting corners so visibly makes me a little concerned about where else theyre cutting corners (and is kind of just a general turn off).

        Anyway, if I a knew a comparable place IN FLEMINGTON, Id give them a shot....

        1. re: howchound

          Shiki is quite good. I've been there many times and I haven't had a bad experience yet. Their miso soup is delicious, very good tempura, and excellent sushi. They do have take out, but I recommend dining in. BTW, the owner of Shiki is also in charge of the sushi dept at Shop Rite.