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Jun 28, 2009 04:22 PM

Disgusting, obnoxious service at Alibaba (Upper West Side)

The food itself was decent, not a notch more than that, but the SERVICE was apallingly awful. Both the boss (Rabbi Harizay sp?) and the guy behind the counter were incredibly rude to my mom and I, refusing to give us a lousy paper plate to eat our shawarma lafa on (saying a plate costs extra, and that we have to eat directly on the tray!) Not only did our $25 deny us a paper plate, but at one point, the counter guy LITERALLY told us, "You are talking too much, I can hear you"! 2 adults, having regular conversation in normal voices were told by a proprietor that we are to refrain from speaking while we eat!! This will certainly be the last time I go to Alibaba; I am too smart and there are too many restaurant choices to settle for near-abuse from management!

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