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Jun 28, 2009 03:16 PM

Has anyone eaten in the Pool circle at Hollywood Bowl?

We have a box in the Pool circle next weekend and are debating between ordering Patina or bringing our own fare. The menu for the Pool area is different than the Garden boxes and it's not online so I am hoping for some tips from anyone who has had a chance to dine there.


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  1. No, I've never had the Pool-specific menu but I would be shocked if it was substantially better than the regular catering. I've had it many times and find it boring, expensive, and unimpressive. There are so many great foods to enjoy in your box.

    1. I'm in the pool circle a few times a season...and the food is fine. But we always bring our own. We order water, and some sort of cheese and/or chocolate plate....which gives us full service for glasses and place settings. Lots of folks in that section order from Patina. But I think part of the fun of the bowl is bringing food.

      1. We've found that the Pool menu reads much better than it tastes, though it is more exotic than the Garden box menus. I'm with JudiAU and Perk - bring your own and Perk's idea of limited ordering to get service and set ups is inspired.

        1. Never again will I order form the Bowl! Such a mistake--bringing your own food is definitely the way to go. I ordered a $60 filet mignon med. rare that came out looking like it was microwaved without a sliver of pink in the middle. Blech.

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            So sorry you had a bad experience. I was there last night, and the people in the box behind us had ordered off the menu. Their food looked very nice, but I didn't hear them comment about it. I hope you'll try it again and bring your own food. Lots of terrific places do boxes, if you don't want to cook. (I just got an e-mail today from "Street", and they're doing boxes that sound very interesting.)
            We ordered sparkling water, a cheese plate, a plate of cookies and fill in with our own food. We had full service....terrific food....and a great time.

            1. re: perk

              Great to know. I have been to the Bowl several times and usually do get a box from someplace like Joan, BLD, or Clementine but thought we would take advantage of what was supposed to be a special pool circle menu. To be fair, I dd write a complaint to the Patina Group and someone promptly called me back to personally apologize as well as reimburse me for my meal so that was a pleasant ending to an unpleasant experience.