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Jun 28, 2009 02:55 PM

ISO: Recs -Lake Anna and Shenandoah/Luray

Hi VA hounds. NY Tristate hound, husband and nine year old heading to Mineral VA (Lake Anna), King's Dominion and then to Shenandoah/Luray area end of the week. I'm doing a search but also posting for up to date info. Does anyone have any suggestions for anything - bkfst, lunch, dinner, snacks?

The whole trip is very casual and we don't mind hole-in-the-walls, like local farmer's markets and interested in both sit-down and take-out. We are open to all cuisines but from NYC metro so prefer to stay away from the stuff we are known for such as pizza. Great barbecue and exceptional homemade ice cream are always winners are southern, soul, et al. Any specific items local to the area we shouldn't miss?


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  1. Really? Nothing? I've seen several other older posts asking for similar and also with no replies. Is the food in that area so lacking?

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      Not much - that's pretty rural country. You may want to search on Richmond to get ideas for the Kings Dominion area or Culpeper to come up with places to stop as you travel from Lake Anna to Shenandoah/Luray. If you head further south on your travels, you can try searching on Harrisonburg/Staunton or maybe Charlottesville. In Staunton there is Mrs. Rowe's for homestyle cooking (think pork chops and pies). It's been years since I've been there and I've heard rumors that it has decreased in quality, but don't know. Wright's Dairy Rite in Staunton is also an institution - but I've only had milk shakes there and can't comment on the food.

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        How about Artisan's Grill? Not tried it myself (yet) but I hope to next weekend!