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Jun 28, 2009 02:44 PM

coffee pudding/mango pudding recipes?

hi chowhounders,

i'm hoping you can help me out ... i was at a pot luck last night and one of the guests brought a coffee pudding and a mango pudding. she said she purchased these at a chinese bakery @ first markham place.

i'd like to re-create these dishes at home - they were divine! the mango pudding was similar to what i've had at dim sum before but WAY creamier and with chunks of mango. the coffee pudding was also very creamy and delicious. both were purchased in plastic containers with lids - sort of reminded me of plastic take-out containers.

anyway, both puddings were also quite 'solid' ... i.e. not soft like a pudding packet ... closer to the consistency of jell-o but perhaps not quite as stiff. the puddings could actually be sliced like a cake and scooped up onto your plate ... they didn't TOTALLY hold their shape but they weren't entirely soup-y either. i'm pretty sure they had gelatin in them. the coffee pudding was so strongly flavoured that i ended up being a bit wired on the caffeine (i think!!).

does anyone have a recipe or know where i can find a recipe for either of these dishes?


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  1. Mango Pudding

    4 ripe mangoes (I like Ataulfo/”Manila” mangoes, which are small, bean-shaped, and bright yellow all over)
    ¼ ounce agar-agar (if using sticks)
    2 cups hot water + 2 more cups water
    ½ cup sugar
    1 can evaporated milk
    Fresh fruit, for garnish (strawberries and kiwis look nice)

    In a pot, soak agar-agar sticks in hot water for 30 minutes.
    Peel the mangoes, remove flesh from pits, and puree the flesh in a blender until smooth. (Leave some pices chunky if you prefer)
    Add the rest of the water to the agar-agar and boil until agar-agar is completely dissolved.
    Stir in sugar, evaporated milk, and mango puree until sugar is completely dissolved. Taste to see if mixture is sweet enough; if not, add more sugar.
    Ladle into individual bowls and chill 2 hours or until firm.
    Top with fresh fruit and serve.

    I haven't done it with coffee, but I imagine it would work to do the same with coffee in place of most of the water and mango puree.

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    1. re: 2m8ohed

      hi 2m8ohed,

      great - thank you! i will try the mango pudding recipe you have provided. i even have four mangos sitting in my fridge right now.

      one question .... what are agar-agar sticks? i have 6 oz of agar-agar powder. is that the same thing?

      1. re: lilaki

        Agar agar comes in varius forms, including sticks, powder, and bars. (If you go to an Asian supermarket, the sticks are usually near the powder and gelatin.)I am not sure how sticks translate into quantity of powder. But the package for your powder will probably have directions that will give you a sense of the proper liquid to powder ratio.

        1. re: lilaki

          I have gelatin, can that be substituted for the agar agar, I have that handy.
          Thank you for replying, I am interested in trying this pudding/dessert.
          And just for the record, about how much cup wise, of the mango puree? I have about a pint of puree ready to go in the freezer

          1. re: chef chicklet

            chef chicklet ... how did you make your mango puree? i've got some mangos i've got to use up and i don't think i'll have time to make the mango pudding until after this weekend...

            1. re: lilaki

              Just peeled the mangos and cut the fruit up, then pureed in a blender with a squeeze of lemon juice.. Sine the mangos were so ripe, it was pretty easy. Stored it in a tightly sealed mason jar in the freezer.

              1. re: chef chicklet

                perfect! thanks ... i'll do that tonight and save my mangos for mango pudding! :)

      2. This is the recipe for coffee pudding that I enjoy: