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Jun 28, 2009 02:37 PM

What to get at Dolce for closing special?

So, my BF and I are going to Dolce tonight to take advantage of their 50% closing special. Any suggestions on what is good there? Or what to avoid? I've been once a very long time ago and didn't remember much about it.


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  1. i'm sure it's too late, but in case you decide to go another day, if the branzino is still on the menu, it was one of the better dishes...

      1. Was it only the one day?

        1. They are officially closing tonight and have had 50% off the menu for the last couple of weeks, although I didn't discover this until last night. The food was okay..really heavy sauces. I started with their pesto gnocchi which could have easily been an entree given its size and my BF had their fried rice balls (don't remember the Italian name) also okay, but nothing fantastic. For my main I had their scallops scampi with lobster mashed potatoes and he had the Veal Saltimbocca - my scallops were cooked very well but were doused in a hugely buttery creamy sauce that took away from their flavor. The veal was good, again, nothing blew me away. For dessert we had the banana caramel tortino and the cannoli and the cannoli were good and like everything else the banana caramel was fine. Overall, fine for $80 with two drinks but I would have been majorly annoyed if I had paid twice as much for that food. As is, I still felt a little robbed. For that price I definitely would have gone somewhere else and gotten a phenomenal meal...lesson learned.

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            all of which is probably why they are closing. i went once and had both mediocre service and mediocre food. if the wine is also half off, I would stop in this evening for a last huzzah.

            1. re: lotta_cox

              I contemplated going to Dolce after hearing about their 50% off discount, but I am glad I did not go after reading your report.

          2. You mean they're still in business?! Gads.