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Jun 28, 2009 02:28 PM

Le Pain Quotidien, the new place in Rye

Anyone try the new place that just opened on Purchase Street across from the bagel shop?

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  1. Le Pain Quotidien is a chain. i know quality/experience can vary by location, but if you search the Chains and Manhattan boards you'll likely find plenty of mentions/opinions to give you a sense of what other CHers think of it.

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      1. re: jfood

        A cutesy chain from Belgium. The communal table is the big draw. Not bad for continental breakfast or a lunch sandwich.

        1. re: menton1

          Everything is fresh and handmade on site using mostly organic ingedients.
          Very good for what it is. You can also buy fresh bread/preserves, etc.
          It is like a very upscale Cosi with much better food.
          They also have great sharable apps that are great for a nice chat with friends.

          1. re: westchesterdiner

            We adore their coconut macaroons and their whole grain bread.

          2. re: menton1

            Wondering how "robust" the tartines etc. are? I'm looking for easy picnic ideas to take to the Greenwich Shakespeare to just pick up on Friday afternoon. I've done June & Ho for picnics, but it's VERY spendy and am always up for something new.

        2. I had lunch there last Wednesday with a friend and then breakfast on Friday with my 7 year old. Service is nice and well meaning, but slow and confused. I'm willing to chalk that up to being brand new and I figure it will improve.

          Lunch: My friend and I both had the tartine with ricotta, honey and fig. Yummy. She had hot chocolate and a macaroon for dessert and like them both. I had a latte (too milky, lukewarm) and a pain au chocolat (eh).

          Breakfast: My son had a croissant and hot chocolate and was happy with both. I had an apple pear turnover (yum) and cafe au lait (too milky, lukewarm).

          About the coffee: The woman across the table from us had either a latte or cafe au lait (both served in bowls, so I couldn't tell) and I heard her complaining to her husband that it was too bland. They were happy to bring her an extra shot when she asked for it. So I guess I'm not the only one who finds the coffee and milk drinks too light on the coffee. It should be noted that I always get an extra shot in a Starbucks latte, because that, to me, is just the right balance of milk and coffee. I might be happier at LPQ if I just asked for an extra shot. I assume the lukewarmness is directly attributable to the slow and confused service and that the coffee is sitting for a bit before getting to me.

          To sum up, while it's not the most amazing thing ever, I think it's a nice addition to downtown Rye, will be a nice place to grab lunch with a friend and will improve with practice.

          1. I have eaten at the New Canaan location. Seriously, I don't see how people REALLY enjoy their meal. I think you have to lie to yourself to enjoy eating at Le Pain Quotidien. If you like slow, indifferent service, followed by tasteless raw materials than this might be the place for you. It is also pretty expensive, considering they serve tasteless raw materials.

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            1. re: BeanoCook

              Jfood would very much disagree with these comments.

              Since the only place you seem to like is Remos in Stamford, where else would you recommend?

            2. Been to teh one in DC
              Very good for breakfast