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Jun 28, 2009 12:55 PM

Best food in Chatham

Looking for recommendations of places in or near Chatham, MA that make wholesome food and really know how to cook well. No meat. Thanks.

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  1. Chatham Squire for seafood.

    1. Do a board search for Impudent Oyster and Vining Bistro. Lots of reports and good info.

      1. Agreed on Impudent, often considered one of the the best "night off" places to eat for locals in the food biz. Avoid the Squire, it's a zoo, especially Thurs-Sat during the summer time. Other thoughts:
        -28 Atlantic(at the Wequasset); arguably one of the top high end spots on the cape, but comes with the price tag attached.
        -Pices; a great 20-odd seat restaurant off main street. Its top quality in a cozy environment.

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          Would agree that Chatham Squire Restaurant is probably a zoo with all the tourists and kids and it in the middle of trinket paradise on "the strip" of Chatham.
          I don't know anything more about the place but think their sign's slogan, "Food for the hungry - Drink for the thirsty" is silly/goofy and "Faux Old Cape" tourist speak.
          Pics of shops and windows in the area.

        2. 28 Atlantic at the Wequasett Inn (not in Chatham Center) is one of the best meals - and priciest - we've ever had on the Cape. Quire is good as a bar, but I personally don't think the food is that great. Impudent Oyster is also very good.