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Jun 28, 2009 12:47 PM

Table Manners for Kids

Anyone know of a great book that teaches table manners for kids? I want to brush up on my own as well so I make sure I teach my little ones correctly.

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  1. "Miss Manner's Guide to Rearing Perfect Children" by Judith Martin. In addition to receiving good information, you'll have some chuckles as you read. She's funny not stuffy and explains some of the puzzling "why" questions we all have about table manners.

    What a nice thing you are doing for your children. Someday, it may be far far in the future, they will thank you because knowing right from wrong at table will set them apart from many of their peers. (I hear "thank you" from my grown sons who are appalled at some of the table manners they witness at business meals.)

    1. The Goops... I still remember the rhymes many, many years later...

      The goops they lick their fingers
      the goops they lick their knives

      Looks like they are still in print.

      1. I think it's a great idea too. I want to start some classes on this subject in my area. I'm going to culinary school right now, but when I'm done I wanted to start a "cooking school" for adults but have kids classes too...table manners are sorely lacking in kids today and I regret not instilling them well in my kids when they were young. Follow my journey, at age 52, through culinary school. Mrs. Fabulous goes to culinary school.

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          Thanks for the link to the Goops! So glad they're still around in some form. My siblings and I read this book when we were young, too. In fact, I have the same book here on the shelf now (thanks, mom, for not selling THIS at one of your garage sales!). We can all still recite passages from these funny poems, and it happens at almost every family gathering (usually when someone does someting gauche, and someone else says "hey -- who invited the Goops to the party?")

          I thnk it is essential for children to begin to learn this as soon as they are old enough to sit at the table, but make it fun instead of a "because those are the rules" kind of thing.

        2. I have purchased both Emily Post, "Etiquette for Children" and 365 Days of Manners Kids Should Know which is an interactive book full of games, activities and crafts that teach manners in a fun yet eloquent way. There are also manner department stores such as Nordstrom that offer etiquette classes for young children. My children took the class at Nordstrom and learned so much that I was impressed!

          1. Thanks everyone! I will check into those books.