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Jun 28, 2009 12:47 PM

Where in Twin Falls? I know it's not Southwest, but it's on our route

Any good place to eat in Twin Falls? Dinner? Breakfast? We're taking the I-80 north, and then veering further north up 93. Have some ideas for Elko & Winnemucca, but would love something local in Twin Falls. Even if it's just a great bar for a cold beer.


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  1. We are headed from the SF Bay Area to Yellowstone so I'd love to hear your ideas for Elko or Winnemucca, too. Got a reply about dinner at basque places in Elko, just the other day here. I expect we'll try to make it as far as Twin Falls our second day out, so if we get back before you go, I'll glad to let you know what we find (but we aren't getting back until August).
    I did see on Yelp that there is a coffee place that seems to be well-liked called "Java".
    Here is the link
    That's where we may go for breakfast if we don't get any other ideas.