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Jun 28, 2009 11:56 AM

HELP!!! special occasion dinner on everything closed?

Cut...closed. Hatfield's...closed. Drago Centro...closed. Melisse...closed. Anything other than Spago? Birthday girl tends to like her food cooked so sushi is out. Blt is open...what do you guys think? Los Angeles to Orange County. I'm open to all suggestions. Nice ambiance would be a major plus.

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  1. here's the menu from cafe del rey.
    although they do serve raw fish, the bulk of their dishes are cooked.
    the room is really lovely, and has a very nice view overlooking the boats in the marina.

    1. Blt has a great reputation and Cafe del Rey is very good with a relaxing atmosphere. For top notch Italian fare try Lago in Santa Monica...view the 3rd St. Promenade hustle from the serene dining room or dine "al fresco" and join the crowds.

      Locanda Del Lago
      231 Arizona Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90401

      1. Just off the top of my head - Bazaar (like many hotel restaurants) is open Sunday. So is Craft/Craftbar.

          1. Water Grill is open too. And looking at the list of restaurants I got from the concierge - those that are open on Sunday that I think are "big deal" are Providence - Matsuhisa - Lucques - Jar - Grace - etc. (there are really a lot open on Sunday - just haven't heard of a lot of the places on the list before). BTW - don't know anything about these restaurants except what I "read in the papers"..