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Jun 28, 2009 11:54 AM

Kabab Cafe - Gateway Shopping Center (near K of P)

I didn't know that this place existed until I saw an ad and coupons in the Clipper Magazine. It's not at all the cozy byo we were hoping for, but very good for what it is--quick and tasty Persian food. Service was very, very friendly. We especially enjoyed the dishes made with ground lamb (doner) and ground beef (koobideh) and the baklava.

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  1. Finally! A Moby's (from the DC metro area) style Persian place!

    They have the std. range of Persian kababs, rice, and salads.... I hope they have an oven for fresh flat lunch I got a kabab "sandwich" which was in a pita.

    1. I've been once and shall return. Considering the ambiance, I found it a bit pricey but they now have recession era lunch specials for $4.99. I took home a small side of Sir Torshi (pickled garlic that has been marinating for five years) and found it very tasty (with the obligatory post-prandial effects.)

      1. Thanks for posting this! Hadn't noticed it, although I'm often at ther Trader Joe's.

        Three of us had dinner there last night. Slightly pricey for a plastic dinnerware place, but everything we had was tasty. WAY too much rice (althought it was really good basmati...) in a serving, though.

        1. Was that website working earlier? It now shows a page saying it is temporarily unavailable.

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            Yes it was. Had a full menu. Must just be down temporarily.

          2. I've tried Kabab a few times for lunch and haven't been dissappointed. I do agree that small changes in the ambiance could turn it into a nice little BYOB. (add some booths and turn off the overhead flourescent lights). Most places in Gateway only attract large crowds at lunchtime so I guess they went in the lunch counter direction. The food is similar to one of my favorite BYOB's, the Mediterranean in Bryn Mawr. Everything is very fresh and the meats are cooked perfectly.

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              I tried Kabab a few weeks ago. The food is really good and it is authentic. I have a problem with everything being served in plastic containers. Even if you are eating there you have to eat out of a take-out container. I find that a turn off and not at all " green". If they dont want to use dishes at least use paper plates.