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Jun 28, 2009 11:36 AM

Elizabeth's in Savannah

Is Elizabeth's on 37th still worth trying? Or are there other restaurants we should try first (Alligator Soul, Saphire Grill, or others)?

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  1. Elizabeths is excellent. Relative newcomer Noble Fare comes close. I like Alligator Soul just fine, but it's just not in the league of Eon37th or NF. My $.02

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      I'm about to head to Savannah as well and need to pick one nice place to go. I've pretty much narrowed it to Elizabeth's, Noble Fare, or local11ten. Any suggestions? What about differences in price/value?

      Also any good recommendations for someone on a budget? I've been thinking about Vic's on the River (lunch), Mrs Wilkes, Zunzi's, and Papillote (looks new and good).

      I'm just looking for some good places that take advantage of the local food (a great example would be the Frank Stitt restaurants in Birmingham).


      1. re: armstwa

        I will respond the the "on a budget" portion of the question. Mrs. Wilkes is, IMO, the closest your will get to "true Savannah" although lately I think it has become too much of a tourist attraction - the line to go in is very long if you don't know someone who can let you through the back door. The gives me Paula Deen flashes/shudders. That said, the experience is hard to beat and the food is dang good in a "Sunday at Grandma's" way. A big plus is that you can touch the very chair President Obama sat in when he visited a few months ago.
        The food at Vic's is pretty good, and the view of the river is great if you can get the right table. Not having tried Papillote's yet, my vote lies ultimately with Zunzi's. Don't go for atmosphere or glamour. Go for the food....the fooood. My personal fave is the Boerewars sausage sandwich with sauteed onions, gravy, and mustard that is NOT yellow mustard and is wonderful.'ll either see Elvis or Jesus eating this food. Also divine is Oliver's lunch.

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          I'm in Savannah during the week now. Thanks for the tips. I need to see Elvis.

          I went to Sol Monday night. So great for cheap. Real margaritas for $3.50 (huh?) and delicious grouper tacos.

          1. re: Sue in Mt P

            If you want great french fare for not too much, make sure to hit up Papillote. Zunzi's is great too. As for dinners, Elizabeth's is classic. Noble Fare and Local are up there. I personally love Sapphire Grill. A la carte, full tasting menu, or $45 prix fixe, you have an assortment of options. If you want local food though, you have to go to Cha Bella. They created their own 4 acre in town garden to supply veggies, and always strive for local, seasonal foods.

            Sapphire Grill
            110 W. St. Julian St., Savannah, GA 31401