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Jun 28, 2009 10:44 AM

Hard Hat Report Vol 3

Volumes' one and two are getting unwieldy so let's start a fresh report.Enjoying a nice Sunday morning ride I noticed Jr's Corner Barbecue diagonally across from Queen Lola's on the northeast corner of Rosewood and Chicon.

It's in the old VII J's soul food location which,despite having great fried chicken wings and Dawnna Dukes as a sometimes waitress,closed quite a long time ago.

What restaurants have you noticed that are in the opening or pre-opening stages?

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  1. I don't remember seeing anything on the board yet about the Five Guys that's being built out in the former Sharper Image space at the Arboretum.

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    1. re: magicbus

      Really, a Five Guys? Shouldn't be surprised I guess, they already have a Cheesecake Factory.

      1. re: thebodytx

        I can't say it floats my boat, either, but some folks were quite excited about the one they opened on Guadalupe. :-)

    2. Did anyone go check out "Frank" this past weekend...supposedly they opened for some limited hours according to their websire...

      1. There is a new Maudie's in the late planning stages for the Shops at Galleria in Bee Cave.

        1. Not a restaurant, but they have started working on Sprouts Market in Susnset Valley in the same center as World Market, next door to where Linens and things was (or possibly in the same spot )

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          1. re: TroyTempest

            Is nothing sacred? Franchised Salvadoran food is coming to Austin.


            1. re: scrumptiouschef

              I saw that, and was horrified by the look of the menu. I predict that it will be very successful. Have you been to El Zunzal near 7th and Pleasant Valley? I've had some good food there.

              1. re: rudeboy

                I've been to one of them in Dallas, didn't know it was a chain. It was pretty good, and bustling. The crowd was a young one, though.
                Only about half the menu is Salvadoran, the rest closer to Tex-Mex.

                1. re: rudeboy

                  Love El Zunzal. Really love it when Elmer[the owner]is there.The staff can get a case of the dropsies if he's not around.

                  Found some old words from me and MPH on the joint.


                2. re: scrumptiouschef

                  We visited a Gloria's in Rockwall, north of Dallas, several months ago. I thought it was fantastic, every aspect of it.....really looking forward to their opening at The Domain.

              2. There is a new Pho restaurant about to open up on Parmer between Dell and 685..It' s got to be authentic the big sign out front says "Pho King coming soon"