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Jun 28, 2009 10:39 AM

Plateau Restos

Anyone been to Les Heritiers lately? Les Infideles? L'Ptit Plateau?
Any new/exciting items on the menu(s)?
We plan a trip to Montreal and they are a few of our favs, each for different reasons.

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  1. Went to Les Infideles last night for dinner. Nice decor, good service, but the food was mediocre at best. Ordered the 5 course tasting menu: cream of carrot soup, which was more cream than carrot, followed by the plate of smoked fish: 1 rosette of smoked trout, 1 rosette of smoked salmon, a small piece of smoked whitefish and a salad of micro greens with a creamy raspberry vinaigrette, which was cloying and strangely thick. Main course was the guinea fowl leg with a bison rib drowned in a strange reddish-brown sauce that tasted of star anise. Two other diners ordered different main courses (bavette and rack of lamb) and their meals were covered in the same sauce. The sauces tasted slightly different but were suspiciously similar. Next was a small ball of pear sorbet doused with Sortilege (a maple syrup and whisky liqueur). For dessert, I had the trio of Bilboquet sorbets: raspberry, mango and lemon. The whole meal was very uninspired.

    1. I am also not a fan of Les Infideles. I went once and never went back. Some BYOW have started charging high prices for low quality meals.

      I went to La prunelle 2 weeks ago and loved it. I had the sweetbreads and they were some of the best I have ever eaten. They were in a honey sauce with an alcohol that I don't remember the name. Everyone loved their entrees.

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        Thanks for the recco for La Prunelle. I haven't been their in many years, and back then I wasn't really impressed with it. I know they've since changed ownership, but never felt like going back in case it turned out to be more of the same.

      2. Have to agree about Les Infidèles. The first time I went I was very pleased with my meal. The second time the menu was pretty much the same thing, but I found everything sort of boring and uninspired. The service was a bit too casual for my taste, as well. I guess that first time, the fact that it was a very special occasion and that we had a great bottle of wine made it seem better than it was. The second time I saw the place more for what it was. An okay restaurant that serves decent food at a reasonable price, but nothing special. I didn't like the fact that what they call a tasting menu is just a gussied up table d'hôte either.