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Jun 28, 2009 09:58 AM

Boathouse in Tiverton?

Relatives have planned a dinner there this coming weekend and I was looking for input. We normally head to Back Eddy but we are trying to meet folks from Newport halfway. I know the setting is great but how about the food? Any things to avoid and/or must haves? Visiting from MD so we know our seafood! Thanks. jck

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  1. on par with the back eddy,casual,great setting,and the foods really good too.the chowder is one of the best anywhere,a must get.all the seafood is top notch,you cant really go wrong.let us know how you did...

    1. I totally agree with Im hungry. Setting is great and food to match. Chowder is good although their award winning one is not a traditional new england. Chef is inventive with the menu as well.

      1. I would say it's second to Back Eddy, but a very good choice for dinner with family. The menu has been expanded to include a wider range (including price range) of choices; some are over-wrought and I would stay with simpler items. The lobster fritters are in the style of clamcakes, just fyi. The restaurant is under an eager-to-please new management; I have been there three times in recent weeks and they have been packed. I like the vibe of the place, and of course the view is sensational.

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          You have a great blog/website. I just checked it out. We vacationed down in your area years ago and I have been itching to get back there. What a very beautiful area of New England.

        2. The view and food at the Boathouse are both fantastic. The New England Chips and Dip is a great starter.

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            Thanks for replies and here is a quick review. Awesome setting....but I knew this coming in. The tables inside on the water side of restaurant are something out of a dream at sunset, just gorgeous and totally worth asking for when reserving a table. The servers and greeters all were very nice and for the most part very helpful. The food....was for the most part AWFUL. We had a large crowd but I did not see anything on our table that was finished including apps, salads, and mains. Food was bland and poorly constructed and sides were definitely an afterthought. The famed chowder was OK but even it had a substitution for the typical and advertised topping on it that turned out to be "smushed" cornmeal. I cannot remember what the menu offered but when we asked about it as we were served...the answer was we ran out of incredient...on a Friday at 7:30. It seemed the best offering we had was a panini sandwich and that is very odd for an upscale seafood restaurant on the water. The prices seemed reasonable enough but it was a disappointment all around and a shame since the setting is perfect. Looks like a place to go for atmosphere, a cocktail, and MAYBE an app if you are really hungry. Compared to Back Eddy...well, there is no comparison. My friends who live in area confirmed that this is the norm these days.

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              bummer,sorry to hear that the foods really gone down hill.

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                I have to agree with jck-went the other night and had the same experience. The worst part-the fish entrees tasted old. The tuna was really odd-served on a bed of pasta that had no relation to the dish. But the setting is spectacular. I'd go back for apps and drinks just for the setting.