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Jun 28, 2009 08:23 AM

Morcilla de Burgos

Its a version of blood sausage made with rice. It's
(a) not importable to the US.
(b) not carried at Despana (because of (a))
(c) apparently impossible to find US-made versions. The manager at Despana had no idea where I could track one down. The only Spanish expat that I know was similarly baffled.

I see it available at, but I'm leery of buying blood sausage mail-order. Do any restaurants/stores in the tristate area make this?

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  1. Can you elaborate on the difference between morcilla de Burgos and the morcillas carried at Despaña? I've had rice and pimenton-flavored morcillas there that I assume would've been what you were looking for.

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      Don't know how to describe, except that the ones at Despana don't taste the same and the manager there who I talked to said that it wasn't the same type.

    2. Getting a morcilla with real flavor & taste isn't easy. Let alone get a Burgos or Riojano version ( made with cinammon). If you're in NYC the best bet for the blood sausage fix is an Argie butcher/parilla. A fair amount of the places in Queens sell product to go.

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        Do you have any recommendations? I asked about Argentine butchers and morcilla in the Outer Boroughs board but didn't have too much luck.

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          There are a couple of places on Corona Ave but lemme do some research for you to be sure...

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            Mi Tio along Queens Blvd in Elmhurst. They have great morcillas about $2 per link. Its a big link too. Just grill it and eat it. yummy....

        2. I have ordered a number of items from La Tienda, including meats, and have been very pleased. The boxes are insulated and the items have always come in perfect condition. I would not hesitate to order anything from them, including sausages. I love morcillas also, BTY.

          1. Mi Tio along Queens Blvd in Elmhurst. they sell it at $2 per link. A big link too. just grill it and eat it. yummy.

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                mi tio number is 718 426 8080...morcilla is now 4 bucks each uncooked to go-best grilled; 8 if you eat on site. address is 8908 queens bl, elmhurst , ny.

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                  Just got back from Madrid and craved morcillia. Only got to have it in fabada. But man, was it tasty. The texture of real sausage vs the store bought/gourmet/chicken/usda approved stuff is vastly superior.