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Jun 28, 2009 08:21 AM

Holden Beach - Seafood & farmers markets?

I am headed to HB for a week with family. I have been searching the boards for recs for fish markets and farmers markets, in addition to resto recs. I understand that there isn't much in the area (part of what it makes it such a great place). I did find a couple of threads with recs for hotdogs at Mankin's, seafood at Provision Co. and Causeway Cafe. I also found a great thread listing several farmers markets in the region. What about seafood markets? The only thing I've found is Bellamy Shrimp & Fish Co. on Cedar Landing Road. Is this a good place to pick up some Carolina shrimp?

What is the best & closest farmers market? Also, where do the shrimp boats dock? I heard you can buy shrimp & crabs right from the shrimpers. We'd also like to take the kids crabbing & we're planning on setting up under the bridge. Is this the easiest spot for kids to catch a couple of crabs?


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  1. My family and I just got back from Holden Beach last week lynnlato. I think I can be of some help to you but I am headed out the door in a few minutes (will be back on with more info later)

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        You are correct in that there’s not a whole lot of commercialism located on the island side of Holden Beach (well, for that matter there’s not a whole lot on the mainland side either but that was just fine with us). I apologize for jumping around here but I was trying to put this together since I am a tad late on when I said I would reply..

        I could be wrong but I think Mankin’s and Causeway Café are one in the same (Mankin’s Causeway Café)? But I can’t help you with a review as we did not eat there.

        There are farmer’s markets around, in fact there happens to be one in Shallotte on Saturdays but it was over by the time we arrived ( There are also several roadside stands that you will pass too as you drive into HB.

        Here is a place you might want to check out that is not to far: Lockwood Folly Marketplace = Supply, NC (


        As far as breakfast (when we did not eat in) was spent at The Purple Onion (located on Main St. in Shalotte). Great prices, good food, and yummy bakery items (try their blueberry biscuit). We felt it was worth the drive.

        Can’t beat the fresh fish that you will find at Captain Pete's Fish Market (it is located right under the bridge – right behind Captain Pete’s Restaurant). We’d get there around 1:00 pm, and pick up what we wanted to prepare for the evening meal. You will see the shrimp boats right in front of the fish market (best tip I can give you – they devein for $1.50 lb).
        There is also Varnamtown if you want to buy shrimp in quantity (right off the shrimps boats) but as it turned out Capt. Pete’s was perfect for us (really nice people too).

        Another really good place to eat (but keep in mind – ain’t nothing fancy here by any means) but the food is really good at The Provision Co. (located on the mainland side, just after the bridge). Tip: You order first and then go sit down, they bring you your meal and you pay afterwards (you do pick up your drink after you have ordered, and when you go to pay it is on an honor system if you've gotten more to drink then one you just tell them then-hope that makes some sense).

        We also ordered lunch (take out) from Paradise Café a couple of times (they have a website). Our family seemed to be split right down the middle in regard to reviews – 1/2 liked it, 1/2 did not?. They have a breakfast buffet (which seems to be the only place that serves breakfast on the island side) but we did not try.
        There is also a restaurant next to Paradise Café but I am unable to recall the name and I can’t find it on the internet either? (It appears to be somewhat new as google street view still shows it as a vacant lot). If the crowds were to indicate anything then it must be pretty good.. We rode our bikes down there one night to listen to the live music.

        Haley’s Ice Cream (serves Hershey IC) best part is sitting on the deck over looking the beach and eatting your ice cream). Haley’s is located by the pier on the island side.

        Good sandwiches at Archiblads Deli on Holden Beach Rd (mainland side


        I’d heard mixed reviews on Betty’s Waterfront Restaurant. We had no plans to eat there but we did drive by it, and I thought it had closed down from the looks of it. But just as we were leaving I noticed a sign with their daily specials on it?

        And finally (I am sure I have forgotten something) but yes, you can go crabbing right under the bridge (just bring a couple of chicken necks with you and some string and you’re good to go). :)

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          Sweettater, many, many thanks for this detailed and thoughtful post.

          You are right, Mankin's is the causeway cafe - I had been reading on CH for too long by the time I posted and was confused. :)

          I'm excited to pick up the shrimps at Captain Pete's! We are going to need several lbs so it sounds like a good deal.

          I'll report back when we return. Thanks again!

    1. i spent a long weekend there last fall. can't be of much help with your specific request, but will offer that the dogs at mankin's are just ok (not bad, just nothing special). we also ate at a place called betty's - DO NOT GO THERE! - bad, tough fried fish and little else.

      1. We just returned from HB and had a lovely time. Many thanks for the good information given here.

        We went crabbing under the bridge on the west side. The kids had a blast. While we didn't catch much worth keeping, it was a good time. A couple of fishermen were there catching shrimp to use for bait. The kids had a great time checking out all the critters they pulled up in their nets.

        The shrimp at Captain Pete's hit the spot! $6.95/lb. for 21-30 count (i think). We weren't aware that you had to call before noon if you wanted them deveined. No big deal, we ate 'em vein and all, Carolina style. They had some gorgeous fresh fish, including red snapper, sea bass, croaker and flounder.

        We had a good time and some decent shrimp at Provision Co. What a charming place. I love the honor system, live music and open air dining. The shrimp were cooked perfectly. The crabcakes were mostly filler. But the beer was cold and the peel n' eats hit the spot.

        Mankins is a neat lunch spot to grab a quick bite. We hit this place after a couple of hours of crabbing. The hot dogs "all the way" is the way to go. Chili, slaw, onions and mustard. Nothing mind-blowing, but nice folks and decent food.

        As another poster said: DO NOT GO TO BETTY'S! I somehow missed this warning initially and we went here around 8:30pm to grab a beer and some peel n' eats. My brother-in-law suggested it and we didn't know any better. The service was horrible and we heard a few nearby tables complaining about their food. We had a beer and left. Scary place!