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Jun 28, 2009 07:47 AM

August visit, two dinner recs

My wife and I will be staying in Old Montreal for a few days in August and going out for dinner on Wednesday and Friday evenings. We'd like to go to a couple of restaurants with really good French food. Probably not places like Le Toque or Le Chasse et Peche or Au Pied du Cachon (sps?). We're OK with spending some money and also will have a car. We're in to tasty rather than fancy and elaborate. Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. IMHO one of the best small out of the way places to try is Mas Cuisine.

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    1. re: bigfellow

      Thanks for that suggestion. Looks interesting and the chef certainly has a good reputation. How about Lemeac and Au Cinquieme Peche?

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        I had dinner at Au Cinquieme Peche last week. It's adorable. Make a reservation because every table was full. I had a beautiful salad, and the sweet potato gnocchi. My companion had the halibut which looked beautiful. There is also dessert but we opted to walk up the street for gelato afterwards. There are a number of wines available by the glass and Benjamin, the maitre d', will recommend some if you're not sure what to get.

    2. I really like Lemeac although I haven't been since they got a new chef..
      Pot au feu de saumon à la fleur de sel which is Salmon in a chicken based broth is delicious. Also if 10:00 PM is not too late for you to eat they have an after 10 special for $22 appetizer and Entree.

      Montreal has some really fabulous Greek/ Mediterranean cuisine. Philinos this is one of the better greek restaurants in Montreal. Everything is delicious from the Greek salads, Tzatziki, their pita bread is amazing! they have a variety of spreads on their Pikilia platter which is a great appetizer to share. Known for their lamb chops, grilled chicken, Jumbo shrimps and fresh fish. Make a reservation because sometimes closed for private dinners. They have a lovely terrace you can request!

      I also recommend:

      LUCCA : fine Italian dining in Little italy
      12 Dante, Montreal | Tel. 514.278-6502

      Sho-dan : SUSHI the specialty rolls are quite unique

      Othym: : steak/seafood

      Gibbys : One of Montreal top steakhouses located in a 200 yr old old historic building with its original stone wall and wood beams.. elegant and romantic dining.

      Le Locale :
      740 William Street

      Milos : Greek

      Mythos: Greek

      Rumi Grill : Persian/ Middle eastern

      Romados : best Portuguese take out in montreal

      Jano Restaurant : best for Portuguese chicken/ fish
      3883 St Laurent, corner des Pins, Montreal
      Phone: 514-849-0646
      There are so many Portuguese chicken restaurants in Mtl to chose from. We have an over abundance of Portuguese chicken and Greek restaurants.

      Ella grill:
      Also Greek food...reasonably priced and the food always fresh. During the week they have a special of Salad or Spanikopata and a choice of various fish , Shrimp, chicken, or meat served with rice pilaf and Greek Lima beans for $15-20 / person.

      Casa Tapas
      Spanish tapas

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        Many thanks for these suggestions. Actually, we love Greek food but will concentrate on French for the few days we are in Montreal. But we'll visit again.

        1. re: mainahs

          Maybe look into Othym it's a very nice BYOW french bistro


      2. Would La Montée ( be considered French? You might find it interesting and the 4 for $55 isn't too bad.

          1. Other French options would be P'tit Plateau and Bistro Bienville - both small, both very good. I also agree with the suggestions for Mas Cusine, Cinquieme Peche, and La Montee - all solid choices.
            After my meal at Lemeac a few weeks back, I'd definitely skip it for now - it was nowhere near the quality it used to be (hopefully that will change, though). Joe Beef, while not exactly French, might also be an option.