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Jun 28, 2009 07:28 AM

Kansas City Brunch

Looking for a good brunch place for a medium size group on a Sunday. We'd prefer to stay in the northland and we've got 2 small kids. I'm familiar with the Granite city brunch and actually like it - but a member of our party doesn't like their food.

Has anyone done the brunch at Tomfooleries? They've changed the menu for the Northland location it looks like - are they family friendly?


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  1. i don't know much about the northland but know people like the brunch at Tomfooleries on the Plaza. I can personally recommend Grand Street Cafe just east of the Plaza. They have a kids menu. Brunch was really good a few weeks ago there. you order off of a menu but then there's a small buffet while you wait for your food. eggs benedict, yum.

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      Tomfooleries is family friendly, but the brunch is mediocre. Nick and Jake's (Hwy 9 and 45 in Parkville) does a nice brunch buffet. If you want to order off a menu instead of a buffett, Mimi's food is pretty good (it's next to Granite City at Zona Rosa).

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        The health department closed Tomfooleries this week. I've heard Nick and Jake's is good for a buffet.

    2. Trezo Mare in Briarcliff has a great brunch. Not sure if they have it every Sunday but it's good!

      I enjoy Nick and Jakes as well.

      1. You might also consider the Cafe at Briarcliff. I've had breakfast there once or twice, but I think they also do lunch/dinner.

        1. Thanks so much to the person who reccomended the Cafe at Briarcliff. They do a fantastic brunch, and really took great care if my toddler who had had a long weekend with the grandparents and did not feel like sitting in a nice restaurant for brunch. I HIGHLY recommend these guys - the food was great and the service, excellent.

          1. Another great brunch locale is Cafe Bistro?? Is that the name? They sit at 63rd and Wornall (or Brookside) and they have a wonderful brunch for something like $10. and everyone orders something off the menu but then have a splendid open brunch to fill in their food...and it's something else again. We take people there all the time and they are always so pleased.

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              Do you mean Avenues Bistro? It is a nice brunch; the buffet part is rather European with the cheeses and meats.

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                You are correct. That is the name of the place, and they do wonderful food; I've lived for several years in Paris (30 years ago) and this place reminds me of the Bistros back then.