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Jun 28, 2009 07:24 AM

Easy dinner in Ridgefield, CT

We are headed to the Harry Manx concert in Ridgefield, CT later this week (thanks to the folks at C.H.I.R.P for the concerts) and would appreciate suggestions for casual, good dinner before the concert (which starts at 7pm, if my memory serves me right). Either in Ridgefield, or en route from Northern Westchester.

Thanks much!

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  1. You could do Bacio in Cross River or Deer Park Tavern in northern westchester on your way, or what about Baily's Backyard in Ridgefield?

    1. jfood would recommend the bar at The Elms in Ridgefield

      1. Depending on where you're traveling from in Northern Westchester, 121 in North Salem might not be out of your way. From there you can take the back roads into Ridgefield.

        But if the weather is nice, why not pack (or pick up) a fancy picnic and bring it along? That's what most folks do...

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          Thanks for good suggestion - picnic may depend on my ability to ditch work early on Thursday. Might stop en route at Turcos in Yorktown Hts and stock up on yummy things. Will look into those restaurant suggestions, too!

          Many thanks!

          1. re: hungrykids

            We wound up in picnic mode (indoors, as they've moved the concert into the Ridgefield Playhouse) with an array of homemade leftovers... grilled turkey/almond-cilantro sauce, roasted beet salad, white bean salad with ramps, and a beer to chase it down. Concert was awesome, too.

            Went to Deer Park Tavern the following night, before Caramoor concert. The four of us had a variety of things: watermelon salad (yum); roasted peach salad (eh, peaches not ripe enough and too much frisee for them to fight against); cilantro crusted halibut with morels (wish they'd not chopped up the lovely leeks and snap peas into veggie hash and piled the fish on top - I like my veggies whole); whole wheat linguine with chicken, mushrooms (yummy); mahi mahi on soba with tamarind sauce (very nice); short ribs (were awesome fall-off-the-bone); warm chocolate cake (just right); coffee buttercream cake (eh... little round stacked thing with minimal cake on the bottom, coffee buttercream icing and overwhelmed by choco ganache). A good bottle of Australian Shiraz was enjoyed, and a properly done Tom Collins. We'd go back... nice atmosphere - went early at 5:30, and it was hopping by 7:15.

            1. re: Nancy C

              If you go to Deer Park on a Wednesday night ALL of their wine list is 1/2 price.