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Jun 27, 2009 11:59 PM

World travelers ... in what country is American food most popular?

Curious as to your opinions on this.

In my (albeit limited) travels, I think China might be my nominee (or precisely, Beijing or Shanghai because China is much too big to provide any sort of homogenized answer).

Your thoughts?

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  1. Germans love American food. If you define American food by burgers, fries, steak, "bbq" (I use that term _very loosely_), milkshakes, etc.

    Probably still stems from the 50s when everybody thought America was IT -- w/regard to music, cars, teckmology, etc. etc..

    Diner's in 50s style are still highly popular in Germany -- Berlin alone has probably 10 or so.

    1. South Korea seems to have as many American chain restaurants as we do in the US. I was staying in a newly built suburb that already had a few chains in place.

      1. American food is popular in many places, sometimes, I think, for its novelty value rather than its taste.

        I recall having a :"buffalo steak" near the Opéra in Paris - really a tough chopped beef patty slathered in tasteless white sauce.

        I have had bogus American-style burgers both in Ireland and Israel - the letter served with underdone bacon - definitely not kosher.

        In the days before MacDonalds opened reatauarnts there, Helsinki had a chain of pseudo MacDonalds, featuring what they callled a "Big Carolina Meal" - as I recall it, two greasy cheeseburgers.

        1. what exactly is American food?

          1. If you are referring to fast food, then the Gulf States (the countries along the Arabian Gulf in the Middle East) probably have the highest number of American fast food chains per capita in the world. I live in Dubai and of the top of my head I can count five McDonalds' in a two-mile span.

            If you had the old-fashioned meat/potato/vegetable diet in mind, then Northern Europe, particularly the UK and Germany, will have a similar national cuisine.