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Jun 27, 2009 09:14 PM

Queen Anne/downtown with a young toddler

Hello, I'm new here. *waves at everyone*
For my college graduation gift, my parents are taking my 18-month old son and me to Seattle. We'll be staying near the border of Queen Anne and downtown, and we have no plans to rent a car. My parents and I are fans of ethnic food, with our favorites probably being Thai or Middle Eastern (them) or Korean or sushi (me). However, we are up for anything. I think my dad and I would like to try the local beers, so a brewery with good burgers is what I'm after. My son does well at restaurants, but I think noisy, kid-friendly places would work best for us. We are Arizonans, so places with patio seating are a bonus too! It's triple digits for us now.
Cheap eats are great too, as I am unemployed and they are retired teachers.
Oh, and seafood. None of us are big fish eaters, but when in Rome... Any recs on seafood restaurants whose waitstaff will be patient with a family who does not really do fish?
Lastly, we will be doing a day at Bainbridge. Sifting through the boards, I see a lot of Cafe Nola recs, and that's not our speed at all. Is there an amazing brunch place there?
We'll be catching a ballgame, and I know we're taking Little Man to the kids' museum and Experience Music too, so any recs in those areas are much appreciated. Pike Place is on the agenda, and I hope there's time for me to hit up Archie McPhee too.

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  1. As far as a good Brewery with burgers, the closest you'll get downtown is Elysian. The one by the stadium (Elysian Fields) is a little fancier than the Capital Hill brewpub, but it does have a patio where the Capital Hill one does not.

    1. Your location is great for walking or busing. Here is the Metro trip planner link

      Elysian is a good choice for the Mariners game. If you're a little more adventuresome and don't need beer, you could try Skillet Street Food (an airstream trailer) in the lot across the street (in the block just south of Safeco field). Wallet-friendly, unusual, and yummy, a few picnic tables or take into the game. (You can take food but not drinks.


      Chinook's might work for your family for seafood. At the Fisherman's Terminal (maybe 3 miles northwest of your hotel), inside and outside seating, bustling and noisy, lunch, dinner and weekend brunch. Looks out at fishing boats so lots for your son to look at.

      1. Relatively by your location
        Sushi- Umi, Ototo, Shiro's, etc-
        Thai- Tup Tim Thai- yum!, Racha, etc-
        Seafood- Ray's, Etta's, Steelhead Diner, etc-

        These might help :)

        Have fun!

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          Upstairs cafe at Ray's is a great place for the when in Rome seafood. It is not terribly expensive, and the view at the outside seating....we bring our kids all the time. If is is nice out and the weekend, go early, there will be a wait for outside seating.

          Racha Noodles is good Thai close to where you are staying, and close to the space needle, EMP, children's theater.

          for outdoor seating, Anthony's or the downstairs (cheaper) Belltown Diner are pretty good. Not amazing or creative, but family frienldy, outdoor seating right on the waterfront and won't break the bank.

          For sushi, we go to Chinoise w/ our kids. they are super friendly, and have lots of pan-asian noodle/wok dishes. Top of QA hill.

          On bainbridge Mora (or Moro?) ice cream is great, and there is a diner that is decent greasy spoon type - and wallet friendly. Streamliner?