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Jun 27, 2009 08:54 PM

Raspberry Picking?

Can anyone recommend some good spots in Delaware or Chester counties for raspberry picking? My wife has been begging me to find her a place to pick them for years and we always end up missing the season. We don't mind paying, but a public park or other off-the-beaten path location would be preferred.

We tried Linvilla today and I think there are more pickers than berries there, nice trip though.

Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Jim- I know its not DE or Chester county, but Solebury Orchards just noth of New Hope in Bucks County has great blueberry raspberry and other picking. Might be worth a trip.



    1. I haven't done this in a few years, so I can't say for sure whether raspberries are still growing here, but -- in Chester County, we used to pick wild raspberries off the bushes on the exit ramp from the RT. 1 bypass at the Kennett Square (Rt. 82) exit in the northbound direction. We'd park the car on the wide shoulder and fill our buckets from the many, many bushes there. I'll have to pay close attention next time I'm exiting there to see if the bushes are still there. If you're anywhere nearby, check it out for yourself.

      The other thing is, raspberries grow wild all over the place; all it takes is a trained eye as you meander the back roads.

      1. I went to Linvilla last year toward the end of raspberry season/ beginning of blueberry and they had a good amount of raspberry bushes, a huge amount of blueberry, but the peaches blew everything else away.
        Cute place with a little hayride to take you from field to field.

        1. Indian Orchard - very off-the-beaten-path, a public park adjacent used to be part of original farm, has walking trails.
          Willow Creek - MontCo, but organic!
          Highland Orchards
          Vollmecke (but you must be/become a member)


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            It's true that raspberries grow wild all over around here, but those red berries (which aren't ripe yet-- usually happens around the end of July) are Wineberries. They're delicious and wonderful, and look a bit similar, but it's a whole other animal flavorwise.