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Jun 27, 2009 08:45 PM


The Nanoosh restaurant in Nyc makes a delicious quinoa salad.(dried cranberries, red, yellow pepper etc), I tired black quinoa tonight with grilled onions, raisins, sweet potatos,a few toasted almonds, chives, mint and olive oil. I forgot the lemon juice. It was yummy yet, it seemed to miss that "delicious" target necessary for an encore. Any suggestions for another quinoa?

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    There are a number of good threads in that search with lots of ideas - enjoy! There is also a nice red quinoa - from Peru, I think.

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      many thanks for the link, mmruth. jinthek

    2. Try more salt. The amount of salt is often the biggest difference between home cooking and restaurant food. Also the added acidic pop of the lemon juice (or a vinegar) would perk up the flavor as well.

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        thank you stuffed monkey for the advice, I bet that may do it. What a great simple tip for the future and many other so-so dishes.

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          When I cook my quinoa, I use the Bragg's seasoning mix. Then You have it preflavored to resteam or to throw into salads.

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            We sometimes put a Tbsp of vogue Veggie Base in with quinoa.

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              Will try it. (not Braggs liquid, right?) You gave me a great idea, trying some miso in the cooking.
              thanks rozz01

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                The stuff I use is the Braggs Organic Sprinkle, Sorta like a really intense Mrs. Dash :)