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Jun 27, 2009 08:35 PM

Alemany Market Food vendors?

When I lived in Sf a few years ago I rarely missed a Sat visit to the Alemany market. I've been there a few months ago and saw there were lots more food vendors. However when i went today there were hardly any - apar from wood fired pizza. What's happened?

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  1. Perhaps related to disagreement with SF Real Estate Division.

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        My wife brought home a few plain slices that I ate almost room temp. Still good ingredients, good flavor. Nice hints of char on the tasty crust. Not really that thin. Small pies, easy to handle by the slice. Wished I'd had them hot from the oven.

      2. The new vendors just started yesterday. They weren't there last weekend.

        We tried the wood fired pizza too. It's a beautiful oven and all but shredded yellow cheese doesn't belong on pizza. I'm not a fan of their dough or sauce either.

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        1. re: scarmoza

          Did anyone catch the pizza vendor's name?

        2. The food vending was moved to the south side of the market this past weekend. I don't know if that will be a permanent location.