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Jun 27, 2009 08:16 PM

Vegetarian Sandwich Ideas

I am trying to cut down on my meat consumption, and I realized the usual deli meat or chicken salad sandwiches I make and bring to lunch are a good place to start.

I already eat a lot of nuts during the day, so I'd like to avoid nut butter sandwiches. I also eat canned tuna, salmon, and other fish quite often. I should specify that I am not looking for any soy deli meats or imitation meat of any kind, but I am definitely open to any recipes including tofu, beans, and basically anything that occurs in nature!

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    1. Grilled eggplant (and/or other grilled vegetables, like red peppers, zuchinni), add a few basil leaves.

      Cheese with tomatoes. Humus in a wrap.

      Also think some hearty salads for lunch - rice or pasta with vegetables. Did a bean and tuna salad last week (olive oil / lemon juice dressing, with chopped red pepper, onions, caper). Nice change from mayonaise based salad.

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        I am a huge fan of grilled veggie and cheese/tomato sandwiches. I usually toast my bread first so that the end result, particularly if it is going to be eaten several hours later, doesn't get too mushy. If I am using tomato, I either bring the tomato to work and slice/add at the last moment or pack the slices separately.

        A nice olive tapanade or jarred olive/pepper mixture adds nice flavor too.

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          I use to make grilled veggies for dinner and always make a few extra and set a couple to the side. eggplant, mushrooms, onions, squash, anything fresh from the market. Just olive oil, s/p maybe a little all purpose type of seasoning.

          I would take my great and usually use a light mayo aioli. I would make some and always take it to work in a small tupperware. Mostly herbs and a little mayo. You didn't need much on the sandwich. I even made it with yogurt and it was equally as good. I would just build it at work, tomato, the veggies, a slice of cheese and and sometimes even melt the cheese on the veggies in the micro and then top the bread and tomato.

          The may can be replaced by pesto, a tapenade or salsa.
          I love a roasted portabello, tomato slice, good cheese on chibatta and some arugula
          sprouts, cucumber, red onion, tomato, avacado and chopped olives is great on a onion roll
          cream cheese, cucumbers and smoked salmon is great on pumpernickle even just a little baked salmon.
          cick peas sauteed with garlic and shallots, slightly mashed and then added to a spinach wrap, I add some fresh spinach, chopped olives, sundried tomatoes and crumbled feta, some chopped pine nuts are also good and chopped artichokes are also a great addition. Just spread it on and roll it up
          I also like to experiment with different wraps and pita which can completely change a sandwich. I simple vinaigrette caesar in a pita is great with just a little sliced chicken or just omit the chicken and use some portabello mushrooms. Wraps are great to make.

        1. re: northside food

          I don't want to open up a can of worms but would it be a sacrilege to schmear with pimento cheese, then top with grilled veggies? I've never tried this pimento cheese but read the earlier thread with much interest. Sure sounds yummy.

        2. One of my favorite sandwiches is what I refer to as salad on bread sandwich.
          It' s mainly just this, cucumbers, tomaotes, green peppers, alfafa sprouts, fresh mozzerella, fresh basil leaves, chopped lettuce, avocado, pepperocini, olives, and sometimes hardboiled egg, mix the things that can in a bowl tossing with the vinagrette. The vinagrette is, red wine vinegar, olive oil, lemon juice, and dijon mustard with salt and pepper. Toss the salad (all except the sprouts and basil) Pile the salad into the roll, and then lay on lots of sprouts and basil. (I like to lay the eggs on sliced too so the yolk doesn't get too mushy with the vinagrette. Resalt and pepper. Squeeze and eat.
          You can make every put it into a bowl, bring a jar of the dressing and put the sandwich together just prior to eating. My favorite sandwich when we picnic, my meat lover hubby adds mortadella, salami, ham and or turkey.

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          1. re: chef chicklet

            Hummus, Crumbled Feta, Chopped Black Olives, Sliced Cucumbers, Roasted Red Peppers and Sliced Tomato. Equally great on heaty wheat bread or a nice crusty baguette

          2. Agree with previous posters that hummus on bread is always great. And with tomatoes just about in season, how about a sandwich with tomato with mayo? perfect summer food.