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Jun 27, 2009 08:14 PM

RIP Samia's

When I saw the sign that Samia's was remodeling, I didn't think much of it because the sign said she'd re-open June 1st. Then July 1st came and the sign said June 7th. Then, they put up a big King Falafel sign.

We went in yesterday to check it out. The owner said Samia had retired. So sad that I'll never get to eat another Samia's falafel. Or marvel at the deliciousness of her tabouli. Or slurp up the last bit of Samia's sauce that's spilled onto my plate. Or get her to taste my version of her sauce and give me some pointers. Or listen to her explain that it's all so good because she uses the really expensive tahini and makes everything fresh.

We should all get to retire one day, but I sure am going to miss Samia. There's really no falafel in Boston that's as good as hers. Let's all take a minute to honor Samia's cooking!

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  1. Sahtein Samia, sahtaein. Sellim idek!!

    1. I'll miss her lectures about not ordering fattoush if I'm not going to eat it right away or if it's too late in the day because it takes her a while to make. And of course, she believes you should make the sandwich and then let it sit because it's better later.

      I was surprised she was able to stay in business by herself for so long after her husband died. She had a helper there for a while and sometimes I think her daughter was there, but she usually ran the place completely by herself. I used to talk Lebanese politics with her husband.

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        we *loved* Samia's, and were so sad that she wasn't able to keep it open - there was an article in the West Rox transcript that her arthritis was too painful for her to continue. Did you try the new place?