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Jun 27, 2009 07:15 PM

Ice Cream Sandwich, Old Lyme, CT

Stopped at the Hallmark Drive-In on Old Shore Road today--looking for homemade ice cream. Guess they're particularly known for their ginger flavor. But there was a sign that said "Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich" and I immediately made that decision. Here's what you get: two five-inch (in diameter) cookies loaded with chocolate chunks (no bits here!) with first-class vanilla ice cream about an inch thick between. It came straight from the freezer but was still biteable and didn't take long to soften up enough to eat easily. Don't know where you'd find anything like this in CT . It costs nearly $5.00 but for me, worth every penny. Anyone had the same experience?

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  1. They used to make a Peanut Butter and Jelly ice cream that was the bomb.

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      They had two peanut butter ice creams on the board--think one was PB Crisps and the other PB Chip. My all-time favorite PB is the Chocolate Peanut Butter at Shady Glen here in Manchester CT.

    2. getting ice cream at Hallmark since forever - Seriously I can't eat that whole thing - kudos to you for making it through it ! - I think they still have a classic car nite - - now that's a fun nite to go over there!

      1. OK, having read the replies, here is my experience from last night. Before I begin, I will say I usually do not write negative about places I visit, but I just felt compelled to write this one. Like one poster said, I grew up on Hallmark, from many summers at old colony beach in Old Lyme. Back when they were just a shack, then a Laundromat out back on the side of the building, as I recall. Gave my kids the summer experience. That said, last night the four of us about 1930 hrs pulled in. Walked up to the window in line, I ordered a large pistachio my wife ordered a Acie Berry or something, my son and daughter in law also ordered. The girl at the order window was expression less and her arms had dried ice cream stains as she sat on her stool? and wrote our order down. I looked at the prices, thought gee times have changed, but this is the summer, they have it and I as a customer wanted it, supply and demand. My order was for a large in a cup, my wife's was a medium in a cup. While the product was good, especially on a hot steamy night, her container was full, mine was less than that. When we sat down in back at a table I asked her what she had ordered as my large was a looking a lot like a small. That said, yes I should of brought it back, but why cause a incident, but for 5.50 for a large cup, the server who made it should of known that 3 small tiny scoops is really not a large. The kids ice cream was good I must mention. Also when my son asked about a rest room a few minutes later, he was told to use the pot o party out back. He came back and said the board of health should go in there, it was pretty bad, enough that he did not want to use it. As i recall, there was a time when consistently I could drive up, get huge cones or dishes of ice cream and not feel like I was just coming from the cleaners. They probably could care less about our 22 dollar sale, but for all that it is worth, we will not be back. i could of bought Bryers or something similiar at the A&P in town for a lot less than 5:50, even the downsized 1/2 gal would of been more that all four of us got in our serving. Of course the question arises about "quality".

        Now two doors down on 156 is the Old Lyme Fish Market, called at 10 of 6 asked if they could stay a few minutes, I was stuck in traffic on 95. No problem was the reply. At 6:09 I pulled in, and they made a 50 sale, which is 50 bucks more than they would have had if she said they close at 6. There's a place that like hallmark, I've been going to for a very long time, but unlike hallmark I will be back. Admittedly there are not many ice cream places around, but I was pleasantly surprised to see the Italian Ice stand in Sound View is still operating, they use to be great for many many years. Just my 2 cents worth, and yes I have been to hallmark off season and had good service and servings.

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          If you weren' happy with your experience at Hallmark, you can always try the Old Lyme Ice Cream Shoppe on Lyme St. It is off the direct path to the beaches but well worth the detour. Directly across from the Old Lyme Library, it is a quaint New England shoppe specializing in their own homemade ice cream, made on premise with natural ingredients. I have gone to Hallmark for years, but recently discovered Old Lyme Ice Cream Shoppe! It is worth the money you might spend and definitely better than Bryers from the A&P!! Try it and I am sure you will feel the same!!