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Jun 27, 2009 07:01 PM

Tequila Taco Montreal

My boyfriend and I ate at Tequila Taco (2 Rue Sherbrooke Est) during a recent trip to Montreal. The restaurant looked new, and after attempting to find posts on it I have brilliantly deduced that this must be the case. It was incredibly busy, however the owner and wait staff did not try to rush us out. There was some trouble with our drink order, which can probably be attributed to the fact that our waitress appeared to be new on the job (not really surprising if the restaurant is new!), as well as my main course (I got chicken instead of beef). She was very nice though, and tried to fix everything up for us. The food was ok, but not great. Again, maybe this is because the restaurant is fairly new and still getting itself sorted out. Instead of the usual tortilla chips and salsa they sent out what appeared to be some sort of rolled up fried tortilla with a feta-like cheese on top (can anyone help me with this? I have no idea what theyre called!). It looked nice, however it was unfortunately pretty tasteless. My boyfriend had the shrimp tacos, a house speciality recommended by the waitress. The shrimp were large and juicy, however the dish itself seemed to be missing something. I had beef fajitas, which were surprisingly small. Im not what you would call a big eater, and I dont expect massive portions of food when I eat out, but this was small enough that I feel that it warrants a comment. I believe I had about four strips of beef and three very small tortillas. Granted, there was a massive plate of rice but I dont really eat rice due to a medical condition, so maybe this is my problem. Anyways, the fajitas tasted ok (although the beef was kind of tough) but again I felt as though they were missing something. The table next to us ordered some nachos and burritos which looked really good, so if I find myself back there again I think Ill give those a try. All in all the experience was ok, however I wouldnt be motivated to go back again anytime soon. Maybe after they have some time to work out the kinks Ill give it another try. The owner/manager and wait staff were all extremely nice and accomodating, and I really hope it works out for them. I just figured I would share my experience and see if anyone else has tried this place yet.
Oh, and Friday nights are two for one margaritas, which is actually a really good deal. Im not a big tequila person, but my boyfriend really enjoyed them!

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  1. So, it finally opened; hopefully, it will last more than a few weeks (seems to be a hard corner to work on).

    1. My wife and I ate there today. Those cheese stuffed, deep-fried tortilla things came with two types of salsa. They're significantly less bland with the accompaniments. Queso fresco and torillas definitely isn't particularly flavorful on its own.

      After sampling a bit of the menu, I must say I'm very tacoed out. Deep-fried tortilla chips came with everything, and were more abundant than what they accompanied. We've sort of been queasy-tummied all afternoon/evening from consuming so much fried food in one sitting.

      One of the dishes I tried was supposed to be like a shrimp ceviche with a fiery habanero salsa. The menu says it requires a 15 minute wait, which to me indicates it is prepared fresh. I was curious. After a considerable amount of time it was brought out and um... I'm not sure if 15 minutes is really enough to denature the proteins enough and truly "cook" shrimp. It was certainly much more "raw" than any ceviche I've ever had, and really, really lacked any sort of habanero heat. It was more like eating raw shrimp sitting in a lime and onion marinade really, just barely beginning to turn pink. Is this strange to anyone else?

      We also tried the guacamole and nachos - so obviously we were at fault for being over-tacoed. The fajita and taco dishes that were being brought to other tables certainly looked more appealing than what we had ordered, but I'm not so sure that anything really packed much of a wow factor. Perhaps I'm just blinded by a belly full of chips at the moment. Not sure I'll try it again yet, since we sort of paid $30 for so-so appetizers without any drinks, but I should probably give it a proper shot before writing them off.