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Jun 27, 2009 06:30 PM

Restaurant at Beaver Lake

I wonder if anyone has had a good meal there. We went a year or so ago and had an absolutely horrible meal and have never gone back. Wondering if we just hit a bad day or is this common?

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  1. That place inspirsed you to make a picnic basket! After eating there once I find that is the best recourse.

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    1. re: bigfellow

      We had our wedding there. The ceremony in front of the lake was one of the best moments of my life. The meal was horrendous.

      To attempt avoiding the unavoidable, we met several times with the manager and staff to create a great menu for the brunch and even sourced our own food to ensure the highest quality products would be used (farm fresh organic eggs, Quebec cheeses, Premier Moisson bread, St. Viateur bagels, organic vegetables, etc)

      In the end, they screwed it all up and did not apologize for it. They accidentally bought seedless bagels from St.Viateur - who does that? The eggs were undercooked, they baked the smoked salmon, endless series of errors and bad decisions on their part.

      Bring a picnic lunch.