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Jun 27, 2009 05:38 PM

La Louisianne

just came back from there tonight and it was jam packed to full house by 6:30 and I suspect it stays that way all night. Had the corn crusted scallop special which came with soup or salad and I chose soup. Heavenly but even more heavenly and spot-on tasty was my husband's red bean soup: both hits. he just loved his jamablaya and left not a drop on his plate while I thoroughly enjoyed my scallops which were cooked to absolute perfection. After eating all the muffins in the bread basket after a refill, I did not have room for dessert but if I could have I would have ordered the bread pudding. My meal was $28.00 and together we walked out incl tax and tip with just under 65.00 (no alcohol just coke). Every dollar well spent.

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  1. Thanks for the review! I haven't been to La Louisianne in several years... Glad to hear it's still good. I will have to go back soon!

    1. What a surprise. I wrote this place off years ago... I Got put off by the giant tupperware bin of precooked pasta being tossed in to pans of bubbling sauce and being served to clients at prices north of $20 a plate... Not that anyone should order pasta in a quasi-cajun joint anyways.

      Glad to hear that they are back on their game.

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      1. re: IPECAC Montreal

        I'm with you. Once was more than enough, thank you very much. I always binned this joint with Benedict's, another sub-par restaurant that had the rubes lined up and the money printing press humming all night.

        1. re: bomobob

          I tried to go a few times, but got turned off by the incredibly long waiting times. They weren't very friendly about it either. Too many other places to eat...

          1. re: bomobob

            Same here - food totally not worth the money. It does however have a nice feel to it in the summer outside...

            1. re: Arktik

              I could not find one fault in the food I ate, so I cannot understand some of this, as for pleasantries by the waitstaff: young and incredibly attentive but in such a small place how could they not be....but don't go cause if the line-ups are any indication then there will never be a seat for me...

              1. re: blondee_47

                I've always found the staff to be extremely pleasant. Never had a bad experience on that front.

                I have to say, the first time or two I went, I was delighted with the food. Each time after that, however, I found that the quality had gotten progressively worse. The fried items (hushpuppies and others), for instance, seem to have gotten progressively darker and chewier. I feel like at this point they don't seem to care anymore. I've stopped going there.

              2. re: Arktik

                I went once about 5-6 years ago when I had just moved back from the US and I found the food very mediocre and expensive. I never went back.

          2. The food quality and service suck big time IMHO.

            The last time I went I could bounce my scallops off the wall, they were so over done.

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            1. re: bigfellow

              IMHO big, the night I ate there the scallops I had were dead on perfect. not a second more a second less - dead on perfect

              1. re: blondee_47

                The problem must be consistancy then. that can kill a restaurant.