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supermarkets near Bryn Mawr?

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We've just moved from West Chester to Bryn Mawr, and we're in Wegmans withdrawal. Any suggestions? ACME just isn't cutting it.

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  1. Is there any better area worse served by supermarkets than the Main Line? The local Acmes are pathetic; Genuardi's in Wynnewood once was decent but has slipped terribly since Safeway took it over, and the Wynnewood SuperFresh can never quite seem to get its act together. (My wife tells me that SuperFresh looks better since their renovation, but I'll believe it when I see it.) The Wynnewood Whole Foods can only ever count as half a supermarket, given its size limitations.

    1. Unfortunately, there is no Wegmans or equivalent here. However, for a large selection of upscale food and taekout, I would take a good look at Food Source in Bryn Mawr. Buy your cleaning products, etc. at the nearest supermarket. At least they can't ruin them.

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        I love Food Source - although it is limited product wise, what they have is great (I travel from the city to buy certain things there like Wickles Relish, go figure)

      2. Genuardi's in St Davids is OK, IMHO Food Source is staffed by underwhelming people and vastly overpriced. For produce, cheese and prepared stuff, you might look at Suburban Square Market, and (?) Trader Joes, but l still go your old Wegmans every once in a while.

        1. I must hit around 4 different stores everytime I do grocery shopping. It's crazy.

          There's a good fish store in Wynnewood, across the parking lot from the Whole Foods. The sushi there is also very good and he makes up a great platter. At TJ's I get milk, sour cream, and a couple of other things.

          There isn't a good place that I've found for bread. So I've started baking it myself again but now it's summer and I'd like to just buy it. Used to get it at the Ardmore Farmer's Market when there was Metropolitan but I don't like the bakery that is there now. (Shout out for a great bread in this area!)

          At SuperFresh I only get cottage cheese and Land o'Lakes half&half (no one else carries this brand, which I think is best).

          You should also check out Carlino's. Not as big as the new one in West Chester but still good.

          Also, Havertown has a farmer's market on Wednesdays over the summer until Thanksgiving. Here is where I buy all my veggies (well most, I also belong to a CSA), chickens, turkey, pork chops, filets, and bison. Strongly recommend shopping at this farmer's market. Went to the one in Bryn Mawr once and it was quite small.

          For cleaning stuff, I do the BJs run, usually in Plymouth Meeting.

          Stopped going to Genuardi's a while back.

          1. Carole-what a complete rundown-you must be my neighbor and I agree completely. If I ever go to Genaurdi's it's to hear the employees fighting amongst themselves.Horrible AND overpriced...
            OP- I empathize with your Wegman's withdrawal. I drive to NJ every once in a while for a Wegman's fix. Trader Joe's in Suburban Sq is good for cereal, dairy and unusual stuff. If you like TJ canned/imported items add it to the list. My weekly is the Superfresh, it is cleaner and fresher since they redid it. Produce is good, but the store is small (when they were renovating, manager told me they wanted to expand into the Kinko's next door and could not get the lease) They have very little cooked foods to go, deli is average and lack some staples that I used to buy (like nonscratch potscrubbers and hamster litter)
            I am always amazed at how an affluent and population dense area is so underserved by both restaurants and supermarkets

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              Ha! Genuardi's employees: I just witnessed a royal tiff between 3 of them at the deli counter last weekend. Charming - you never see a supervisor there doing their job. I really have to stop going. Elmom, you prompt me to give Superfresh another try.

            2. I used to live in Bryn Mawr, so I feel your pain. I used to hit Gentile's in Newtown Square and the Italian Market pretty often because the local selection was so lousy.

              The above-mentioned ideas are good, plus Whole Foods Wynnewood & Devon, the !new! Bryn Mawr Farmers Market - local growers.


              There are also a number of CSA-esque services that deliver either to your home or to a local pick-up spot. Definitely NOT what you're used to, but might be worth trying.

              Oh, and: ALL the local Acmes suck, but some stores are worse than others in both product selection and staff surliness. IME the one across from Our Mother of Good Counsel is especially bad.

              1. From Bryn Mawr the drive to Devon is only about 20 minutes at the most if you use back roads. Take Conestoga back to the Willows, then onto Church to Waterloo. It's really worth it to go to the Devon Whole Foods, which is twice the size of the Wynnewood one. It's also right across the street from a renovated ACME, where you can get your cleaning basics. I hear that the Devon Whole Foods is expanding into the old Honeybaked Ham store soon as well.

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                  Yesss...mainline and its lack of decent groceries...no wonder the Whole "PayCheck" rules.

                  I second the Gentile's in Newtown Square. You can pick up bags full of fresh stuff and still come out under $20...Whole Foods would charge you $120 for the same stuff, btw.

                  The best strategy is to use a "distributed" approach. I get meat at Food Source, or from one of the seasonal farm stands....or even hike all the way to Chalfont (to Illg's Meats) for some decent meat. Genuardi's is mostly for buying cleaning products. Dry fruits/nuts at the Head Nut. Gentile's for produce. And an occasional trip to Wegman's in Exton...There is a new Wegmans coming up in Frazer/Malvern by next spring.

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                    I shop at Whole Foods in Devon weekly and buy a week's work of groceries to feed two of us: all organic, heavy on produce, for around $100. Very difficult to spend $120 on a few bags of produce at Whole Foods!! You simply have to be willing to buy in season, though, because something like buying blueberries in January will cost you a pretty penny, while buying the big packs they have right now is half as expensive.

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                      I heartily dis-recommend the Head Nut. Incredibly rude & ignorant people, unwilling to correct or even recognize their mistakes. I don't think you can get dried fruit there without sulphur either, but that may have changed since I no longer shop there - at the store in Ardmore *or* the equally lousy kiosk in the Wayne Farmer's Market.

                      Agree w/ Foodie4444 & Carole that you can do okay in WF pricewise IF you meticulously compare apples to apples. I used to shop around at all the different grocery stores to get the best of, as BMC Deepak (did I get that right?) does, but I just don't have time for that anymore.

                      I will definitely enjoy trying that new Wegman's that's coming, but I'll have to learn how to shop there since I don't know the store at all. My friends rave about it and some even schlep there from a pretty great distance.

                      If I worked in Bryn Mawr I'd probably hit Food Source once in a while for lunch, but for staples, real ingredients, they are pointlessly expensive. IMO FS & the Ardmore Farmer's Market are for people who don't really cook.

                      Also mentioned before: Carlino's. Would never take the place of a regular grocery store, but worth hitting for their specialties.

                  2. I have found that some of the produce items at Super Fresh actually cost more than at Whole Foods in Wynnewood. So, know your prices.