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Jun 27, 2009 02:36 PM

supermarkets near Bryn Mawr?

We've just moved from West Chester to Bryn Mawr, and we're in Wegmans withdrawal. Any suggestions? ACME just isn't cutting it.

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  1. Is there any better area worse served by supermarkets than the Main Line? The local Acmes are pathetic; Genuardi's in Wynnewood once was decent but has slipped terribly since Safeway took it over, and the Wynnewood SuperFresh can never quite seem to get its act together. (My wife tells me that SuperFresh looks better since their renovation, but I'll believe it when I see it.) The Wynnewood Whole Foods can only ever count as half a supermarket, given its size limitations.

    1. Unfortunately, there is no Wegmans or equivalent here. However, for a large selection of upscale food and taekout, I would take a good look at Food Source in Bryn Mawr. Buy your cleaning products, etc. at the nearest supermarket. At least they can't ruin them.

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        I love Food Source - although it is limited product wise, what they have is great (I travel from the city to buy certain things there like Wickles Relish, go figure)

      2. Genuardi's in St Davids is OK, IMHO Food Source is staffed by underwhelming people and vastly overpriced. For produce, cheese and prepared stuff, you might look at Suburban Square Market, and (?) Trader Joes, but l still go your old Wegmans every once in a while.

        1. I must hit around 4 different stores everytime I do grocery shopping. It's crazy.

          There's a good fish store in Wynnewood, across the parking lot from the Whole Foods. The sushi there is also very good and he makes up a great platter. At TJ's I get milk, sour cream, and a couple of other things.

          There isn't a good place that I've found for bread. So I've started baking it myself again but now it's summer and I'd like to just buy it. Used to get it at the Ardmore Farmer's Market when there was Metropolitan but I don't like the bakery that is there now. (Shout out for a great bread in this area!)

          At SuperFresh I only get cottage cheese and Land o'Lakes half&half (no one else carries this brand, which I think is best).

          You should also check out Carlino's. Not as big as the new one in West Chester but still good.

          Also, Havertown has a farmer's market on Wednesdays over the summer until Thanksgiving. Here is where I buy all my veggies (well most, I also belong to a CSA), chickens, turkey, pork chops, filets, and bison. Strongly recommend shopping at this farmer's market. Went to the one in Bryn Mawr once and it was quite small.

          For cleaning stuff, I do the BJs run, usually in Plymouth Meeting.

          Stopped going to Genuardi's a while back.

          1. Carole-what a complete rundown-you must be my neighbor and I agree completely. If I ever go to Genaurdi's it's to hear the employees fighting amongst themselves.Horrible AND overpriced...
            OP- I empathize with your Wegman's withdrawal. I drive to NJ every once in a while for a Wegman's fix. Trader Joe's in Suburban Sq is good for cereal, dairy and unusual stuff. If you like TJ canned/imported items add it to the list. My weekly is the Superfresh, it is cleaner and fresher since they redid it. Produce is good, but the store is small (when they were renovating, manager told me they wanted to expand into the Kinko's next door and could not get the lease) They have very little cooked foods to go, deli is average and lack some staples that I used to buy (like nonscratch potscrubbers and hamster litter)
            I am always amazed at how an affluent and population dense area is so underserved by both restaurants and supermarkets

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              Ha! Genuardi's employees: I just witnessed a royal tiff between 3 of them at the deli counter last weekend. Charming - you never see a supervisor there doing their job. I really have to stop going. Elmom, you prompt me to give Superfresh another try.