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Jun 27, 2009 01:41 PM

Yoshino Fleetwood

I walked by Grammatan and Broad today and there was a whole crew of people inside Yoshino putting the finishing touches on.

I was able to score a menu and found out that they open tomorrow (Sunday the June 28th).

The menu certainly looks promising enough although it bills itself as "fusion". Most of the menu is sushi. There are the usual suspects by the piece, along with a lot of "special" rolls with prices rangeing from $10 to $14 (names like "The 007 Roll"; "World Series" or "The Fire Dragon". A little gimmicky but if it tastes good....

The appetizers are things like Gyoza, "fried Calamari Leg" "Fried Oyster with Creamy Pepper Sauce" and "Hamachi Kama" (I will have to google to even find out what that is).

Then there are various entrees topping out at around $20 (Terriyaki, Hibachi, Noodles, Sukiyaki, Yosenabe and Nabe Yaki Udon (side orders sold separately i.e. Japanese Fried Rice and various vegetables.)

Other entrees (under the heading "Fusion Entrees" include Malaysian Red Curry, Indonesian Sambal Jumbo Shrimp, Pad Thai (those look the most interesting to me at least) although I have no clue if the curry is with coconut or not. The other two I have had in Amsterdam which is my Gold Standard.

And finally, they have lunch specials (the usual sushi combos) and - I was happy to see - Chicken Katsy and Donburi with Katsu Don (among the choices).

Obviously the menu is too extnsive to list all of it, but these were the highlights that make it seem a bit different than the usual places around here.

Oh, and they have Tom Yum soup on the menu. Now I wouldn't know an authentic one if it bit me, but I am certainly interested to try it since I will probably never get my Pho Fix!

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  1. Has anyone eaten there yet? I have not had a chance to stop by and get the menu. Do they have sushi/roll dinner combos?

    It seems comparable to Spring Asian menu, how would you say they differ?

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    1. re: rolise

      Tom Yum, Katsu and the Indonesian things. Otherwise, not too different. They seem to specialize more in Sushi. I would like to try the lunch special cause it is cheaper. The dinner menu seems a bit pricy. The problem is I cannot tell if it is only M-F.

      1. re: jcmods

        Since Yoshino doesn't open until noon on both Saturday and Sunday, I'd guess that the specials are only good Mon-Fri.

        1. re: jcmods

          Spring Asian has lunch special on Saturdays. My ds and I go there sometimes. Better deal for sushi roll combo as it includes soup or salad and this one does not seem to. We will try this place but it will have to be really excellent to keep our custom as it seems just as pricey and we have our loyalties.

      2. I guess I'll be the first one to give you guys a little insight about this place. Overall I am very happy with this new establishment. The menu is a bit pricey but the effort put into the dishes made up for it. I ordered a salmon tartar about the size of your average mug. The top layer, using different color fish eggs, was designed like a color wheel. So this is how you can be artistic with your food. As for the service, it was excellent. A young lady asked me how they should advertise and I simply told her to keep up the food quality and people will spread the word.

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        1. re: sparco77

          Thats good to hear, Sparco, because we were wondering how this place was....we'll have to give it a try now -- do you have any recommendations?

          1. re: PJPasta

            Since I was there only once, I've only had a few select dishes. However, the waiter said the 007 roll was their most popular, so I decided to try it out. One word: Delicious! I highly recommend it.

            1. re: sparco77

              Dang! I was going to get the 007 last weekend and went for the Supersonic and a spider roll instead. While the service was very nice and the rolls were fresh and tasty, I'd still have to say that Spring Asian has the better quality sushi.

        2. Word on the street has it that Yoshino is giving free Green Tea Mochi til August 16th. Apparently my mother ate there yesterday said the food was great and she also received free Green Tea Mochi. I have yet to try Yoshino but hey, a good meal and free dessert never hurt me. I'll report back when I get a chance to dine there.

          1. I go to the Yoshino a few times a month. The service is fantastic. I really enjoy the Pop-Up roll and there is an appetizer that has a mix of fish in an avacado that is amazing! I am also a fan of sashimi and it always seems fresh and fancifully prepared. The place is small, clean, and does a great job.