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Jun 27, 2009 12:21 PM

Where did "Curry House" Ben go?

Bishop Street, Curry House (Maison de Cari) closed up. Ben said they were moving to St Catherine/Fort St area. $ months later.. nothing! Anyone know what happened... where Ben popped off to? Etc... any news welcome.
I'll probably never eat curry that well-prepared again in this town :(

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  1. A regular customer tells me he is having problems with the city getting permits and such, so much so that he may pull up stakes from the Ste Catherine local and try to find another spot.

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      Thanks for this Chili. I'd love it if you kept me posted if you hear any more

    2. It looks like Curry House may relocate to Mackay so will investigate....

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        1236 Mackay is the new address. 2nd floor

      2. Yes, Mackay right on top of Chez Bong Korean joint, and he says he is relying on regulars and word of mouth for now because unless he gets a big sign and menu out front, walk-in traffic will be few and far between. He says he redid the floors and everything and spiffed it all up, and it was better than waiting around for a city permit for the other location on Ste Catherine.

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          I was there tonight and the place looked great. The food was fabulous as usual. Ben hasn't lost his touch. The place was very crowded for a Sunday so I hope more and more people find out about his new digs. He also added a few new items on the menu. I had a fish curry, very tasty.