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Jun 27, 2009 12:20 PM

Brunch in Bowie/Crofton/AA area

Hi all, I'm in a group that has been having brunch once a month on a Friday morning and we're looking for a new spot. We've done well at the Nautilus Diner in Crofton but we've been there the last three times and are looking for some place new.
We usually have 5 - 10 moms with generally 1 infant/toddler each so we need a place with plenty of high chairs and possibly a back room they can stick us in.
Any place in Bowie/Croton, Annapolis or possibly further should be fine.
Any ideas?



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  1. How about "Awe Shack"? This is a new (have been a few months) restaurant, cross the street of the Nautilus Diner, called Princess Shopping Center. The shopping center also has another new restaurants (Chinese restaurant & Blue Dolphin). I heard that they are pretty good, too.
    Awe Shack is an Afganistan restaurant. If you like food at Lebanease Taberna in Annapolis Harbor center, you would like this place, too. The food are fresh & flavorful, I like the atomosphere (casual & comfy), too