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Jun 27, 2009 12:20 PM

Reasonable Meals In Barcelona

My wife and I will be in Barcelona in about a week. We have reservations at Alkimia and
Cinc Sentis, which sound interesting.
But we like to include cheaper restaurants along with the more elegant.
I don't necessarily mean dirt cheap, just restaurants that are more reasonable.
Any recommendations would be appreciated.


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  1. La Barca is a great place thats right down by the harbor it was recommended to us by the people we stayed with in barcelona. it is said to have the best paella in town. and it was great the only thing is that you have to order the paella for two people. not knowing the size would be massive we ordered it plus the monk fish, which turned out to be enough for two people also. Every other table had really great looking dishes. The waiters bring the fish to the table for you to check out before you order. We were lucky to have Alberto as our waiter, he was a complete riot but a little clumsy he spilled wine on our table then later on a guy two tables down. the meal with wine dessert the paella monk fish and salads was under 100 euros (a very reasonable price for how much food we got and the pace of the restaurant) and our host was very appreciative of the left overs.

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      I'm dining at this place tonight:

      it's 55 euros per person and is considered by many as one of BCN's best-kept secrets.