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Jun 27, 2009 11:46 AM

Take-out from South China

Neither of is felt like cooking last night, so we sent out for Chinese food at a nearby restaurant, the South China on Mt. Pleasant near Davisville.

All delivered Chinese food should be as good.

Nothing special about the egg rolls, although they were crisp and not greasy, The spareribs were long and meaty, not bones with a few scraps of meat,

The Special Cantonese Chow Mein was, indeed, special. All the ingredients were done just right - all too often in this dish something is either over- or underdone. Broccoli was a fresh green colour, neither mushy nor woody-crunchy (I realize some people like veggies trendily underdone; I am not one of them). The noodles were neither mushy nor hard. The beef was, in particular, tender, not the chewy, tough slab of moo-cow one often gets.

The final dish was their orange chicken, which they say is specially prepared by their main chef. It may very well be, it is extraordinary, I have never had this dish just this way. For one thing, it is seriously hot - certainly one of the spiciest dishes served in a Toronto restaurant.

We’ll be back

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  1. I have had delivery from South China and like ekammin, no complaints. It is difficult to find decent Chinese takeout at Avenue and Lawrence so I give this place a call at least 3 times a year. SO isn't a big fan of Chinese food. Me, I could eat it once a week.

    1. At one point I was doing a lot of Chinese delivery and I did find SC to be the best. Odd that when he actually ate at the restaurant, the food wasn't that great (though the wait staff were extremely kind and helpful)-----because I've always thought it was a self-evident truth that eat-in is always better than take-out.

      1. Ack. I actually ordered from this place because of these comments. Mistake. The bag was actually dripping grease when it arrived at my house. I've never thrown out Chinese takeout leftovers before, but there wasn't a salvageable dish in the lot. The mixed veg were about 1/3 onions, mixed with flavourless carrots and broccoli that were boiled almost beyond recognition. The noodles were so mushy they were almost not individual noodles. The ribs were greasy. The chicken was greasy. The egg rolls were soaked in grease. I like good greasy takeout but this was actually nauseating.

        I'm going to give the place the benefit of the doubt and say that they were having a really off day, but I'll never eat their food again.

        South China Chinese & Polynesian Foods
        513 Mt Pleasant, Toronto, ON M4S1K1, CA

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        1. re: hardboiled

          When you order deep fried eggrolls and ribs, it's obviously going to be greasy...come on! I think 90% of the older generation of Chinese Take out restaurants are generally greasy with many dishes being very greasy. It is by virtue of what they are serving though. This kind of food is a treat. A dieters nightmare. I now must order from South China and see how good or overly greasy it is for myself.

          1. re: hardboiled

            I didn't order anything deep-fried from them. A pity that seems to be something they do with more oil than necessary...

          2. The original comment has been removed