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Jun 27, 2009 10:50 AM

Where to eat in Waterton Lakes

Making a trip to Waterton Lakes next week, anyone have any suggestions on where to eat now that the Lamp Post is gone. How is Vimy's? I was trying to find an online menu for them, but came up with nothing.


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  1. Vimy's is decent- we usually stay at the lodge and have at least one meal at Vimy's and it's never disappointed. This might sound like an odd suggestion, but the veggie burger at Vimy's is really good.

    Waterton Pizza is quite good too- be careful about ordering too much because those pizzas are stacked!

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    1. re: John Manzo

      Excellent. least one of us will get the veggie burger. We never all get the same thing that way we play musical plates. We will plan on day 1 at Vimy's day 2 at Waterton Pizza. Thanks!

    2. As of when we were down there a month ago, the Lamp Post has been temporarily relocated to the Waterton Lakes Lodge - in fact, I think it now takes the place of Vimy's (someone can correct me if I'm wrong). I don't think it's completely the same menu as when it was in the Kilmorey, but presumably, it's still the best for finer dining in the area.

      We were in Waterton a few weeks ago and had a less than memorable dinner at Zum's. It was okay for breakfast, but I certainly wouldn't go back for dinner.

      1. last time i was there (2002 or 2003), there was this AWESOME pizza place we went too. to be honest, i can't remember any specifics of the food, but I remember that place warmly so that must mean something. i'm not sure if it's the vimy's that manzo recommended, but i just remember the super comforting atmosphere, great service, and the beautiful woman who owned it (i think). it felt like home.

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        1. I have found that the Lampost is not what it used to be - over the last few years it has been hit and miss. I have found Tuscana's to be consistent for italian. I would definately rule out Zum's!

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            Update on Waterton: having just returned I found the Lampost is no longer operating out of Vimy's (was only there for the off season), thus there is no Lampost for summer 2009. Dinner at Vimy's was hit and miss in terms of food, but the service was very friendly.
            The new place called Trapper's Grill (where the New Frank was for many a year) was okay, but served a very wilted salad.
            Sadly Tuscana is gone, though the very similar Bel Lago is in its place. However, I did not eat there as I was afraid my kids would order the Nathan's hot dog - listed at $12; this seemed a bit much to me. If you are desparte for a Nathan's hotdog while in Waterton I unerstand it is only $8 at the golf club cafe.
            We had the mandatory lunch at Zum's. I will give them points for remarkably fast service.
            By far the best food I had all week was lunch at Pearl's (same ownership as Vimy's but across the street). Everyone in the party agreed that lunch at Pearl's is the best food and value in Waterton at present.