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Jun 27, 2009 10:14 AM


I'll be staying near Six Flags and the convention center for about four or five days. Any suggestions on where to eat (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)? I've looked on Yelp, but all I could find were bakeries and boba tea. Healthy choices would be a plus, but not necessary (though, I don't think I could eat chicken fried steak for five days).

Also, any suggestions on where to stay? I'm thinking about the Sheraton. I'm not too familiar with the area or with hotels in general (since I've usu. crashed at a friend's place wherever I go).

Thanks in advance, ^_^

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  1. That whole area is still under construction for the Cowboys Stadium, so getting around is a pain and your food/dining choices are limited to major chains (it is Arlington's entertainment district, aka lacks food imagination). Nice hotel, they will have flyers for all the chains in the lobby. Just do yourself a favor and don't go anywhere near Birraporetti's, old school dump.
    New vietnamese place called Sprouts in Lincoln Square is unique and tasty.
    Olenjack's Grille steak house nearby is good too. If you are willing to explore a little further, check out Mi Tierra Latin Fusion Restaurant.

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      Forgot to add: I prefer for wider local coverage in addition to, here is the link for all things dining in Arlington:

    2. Mijo's is a bit of a drive but fresh and somewhat healthy take on Tex-Mex:

      Portager isn't too far:

      Great Vietnamese is straight down Collins Street - messy construction - yes, but not too bad. Look through the reviews here: