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Jun 27, 2009 09:52 AM

Banjara-What to order?

So, it seems Banjara generally gets the nod as the best Indian around 6th (along with Brick Lane). But, what are thye must-have dishes there? Thanks.

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  1. The palak ghost is the best chicken saag rendition I've ever had anywhere. Really tasty. Also, their dumpakht. I was first taken to this place by Indian friends who pronounced it the best Indian in the city; these dishes are what they always order there.

    1. last time I went to Banjara--a few months ago--I thought it was terrible. Food was bland and service was even worse (and I rarely care about service). I wouldn't really recommend Banjara. It was over-priced too, sorry to say.

      1. Their Lamb Dumpakht is nice, but the dish i like the most at Banjara is their Murg Tikke Maslam. However sometimes it's not as good.

        1. I really enjoyed the coconut samosa and aloo paratha. We ordered lots of entrees and all were good, though I've not been back in 2 years.

          1. Thanks to those who posted. We went before we saw the responses. I must say, I would not rush to go back. We got the vegetable somosas which were fine and the kathi roll, which was pretty good. We had the goat dopiaza which was a special. The goat was tough and dry, The lamb balti was good, but no where near hot, as billed. Food overall was decent, but nothing particularly inspiring. The service on the other hand was atrocious. Everything had to be asked for 3 times from water to a new fork, since I dropped mine. The staff seemed to be in a state of chaos with no particular waiter serving you. Others seated around us were having the same experience. Perhaps we ordered wrong, but we have no desire to go back.