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Jun 27, 2009 09:13 AM

Sushi tonight in London

Have a sushi craving. We typically go to Zuma and eat multiple things off of the menu at lunch times but have yet to make it to any other sushi places other than Rokka (which did not really impress). We are living in Belgravia..just moved from the states....I have been reading good things about Tomoe and also Dinings. Can the hounds here in London help us out....looking for a place without too much attitude..kind of why we r not going to zuma tonight...price does not matter as much as quality and atmosphere...can be traditional or inventive. Thanks for the help!

Happy eating!


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  1. if you are early and price doesnt matter go sit at the sushi bar at Nobu
    Dinings is very good but atmosphere really lacking, i sit at the sushi bar as i dont like sitting in the basement
    Tomoe ok
    Inaho in notting hill ok fish, tight space, no atmosphere and not very creative
    there is very little sushi here that will compare to NYC or LA
    happy hunting

    1. the best sushi in London is served at UMU.

      traditional kaiseki menus.

      for some strange reason, the quality of sushi in london is worlds below what you eat in the states. UMU is the only place vaguely in the game, but at a price.

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        couldnt agree more batfink , umu is the best in london , but its extremely pricey for hearty appetites .