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Jun 27, 2009 08:26 AM

6lb bag of granny smith apples; all brown

So I went to Costco, and had purchased a bulk bag of granny smith apples. And to my surprise, thus far, the apples are all brown inside. Some of them not too too bad, but they aren't crisp and look like they are at the end of their toll. They seemed to look find on the outside though. Oh well.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what I can do with these browning apples?
And any heads up as to how I can avoid this for next time? They really did look fine and were firm to the touch when I purchased them. Maybe it was just bad luck.

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  1. Take them back to Costco for a refund or an exchange!!!

    1. Bummer!!
      If it were me, I would not use them.
      I was really surprised that Sam's Club offers a 200% guarantee on their fresh produce. I know Costco will refund your money as well.

      1. I'd try to take them back too, but if you can't or don't get around to it, how about making some applesauce? If it makes too much, you can always freeze the leftovers.

        1. Or maybe apple butter. Apples at this time of year have been in cold storage for some months, so you might also consider not buying any more till the fall.

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            I certainly would NOT try to make anything with them!! Take them back and register your complaint!! I'll bet that they do not taste good!!

            I have two apple trees in the back yard, but I can't use the fruit because my trees have not been sprayed, resulting in a brown marbled pattern throughout the apple. This is a good sign of pest infestation (apple maggot). When these apples sit around for a period of time they start to completely turn brown....indicating decay

            Commercial apple growers have a scheduled spraying regime to produce the beautiful, flavorful fruit that you get from your grocery store..