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Jun 27, 2009 08:25 AM

Good patios (smoke-free) with good food in Toronto?

I'm looking for a patio that isn't on a busy street, that has some quiet and some shade. The only one that I've seen recently is Cafe Utopia's. I tried out Poor John's for breaky but it can get pretty smokey. Also, I know Grano has a nice one (food is hit and miss at Grano's in my experience)... Also I think Southern Accent used to have a nice one but I haven't been there in ages...

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  1. Allen's on the Danforth has a backyard patio, so nicely removed from traffice, as does Caren's wine bar in Yorkville. Both good choices depending on your whims - Allen's is more standard pub fare (with the famed 'best burger in Toronto' - not so sure about that) whereas Caren's has a spectacular a la carte cheese selection as well as other bistro/cafe choices. Happy hunting!

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    1. re: trishna

      Oh, that's the place with the cheese fondue! Thanks! Any idea if either does breakfast?

    2. Jamcafe at 195 Carlton (between Sherbourne and Parliament) has a nice rear patio, no smoking that I could discern (i'm allergic) and decent food. I was there recently with a group of 6 and really enjoyed the food, atmosphere and service (very friendly).

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        1. re: Ediblethoughts

          Yes, for dinner on a Friday night.

        2. re: JPJ

          Smoking is allowed on their back patio.

        3. You raise an interesting point, Edible. Patios are not always pleasant places for non-smokers. Are there any non-smoking patios in the city?

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          1. re: Yongeman

            As I understand the by-law, if a patio is permanently covered (non-retractable roof), it's non-smoking. If it has no awning or roof or the roof is retracted, smoking is allowed. A restaurant or bar with a patio with no awning can also declare itself "smoke-free" at there own discretion, but since most use the patio as their unofficial smoking section, there aren't very many.

            Example: when the Black Bull opens their awnings, it's non-smoking, when the awning's closed, you can smoke.

            The Black Hoof's patio has a roof, thus no smoking.

            1. re: ChalkBoy

              That might explain Cafe Utopia since it has a permanent cover on the back patio.

            2. re: Yongeman

              I'm pretty sure that Utopia Cafe's is. I also tend to find that even if smokers are on the patio outside, if the windows are open (and they usually are), it's kind of like it feels like it's a smoking restaurant, depending on where you're sitting.

            3. Don't know if you are looking for only breakfast places but if not, Terroni on Queen has a large patio with some shade and no smoking. Last night i was at George and they have a non-smoking patio, but the price is maybe a little high.

              Allen's, by-the-way, does allow smoking so there's lots of it.

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              1. re: tartytatin

                In order to go there, I'd have to eat my words re my complaining about their substitution policy on pizzas but I could try out that limone pasta that I've heard raves about... thanks!

              2. Well the best food in a patio setting would definitely be George, but I'm sure that's not what you had in mind.

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                1. re: aser

                  I'm not sure it is either but I've never been there so maybe summer is a good time to consider it.

                  1. re: Ediblethoughts

                    I think George patio is best in city. Enjoy!